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What Millennials Want From Work


Figuring out what Millennials want out of work, and life, seems to have become a cottage industry itself.

One new entrant in the race to explain the generation is a report from Deloitte that tells us that Millennials generally feel their companies aren’t making good use of their skills and that the majority of businesses are focused on their own agendas.

And the survey reinforced a finding of previous surveys that Millennials want to work for companies they consider having a purpose other than making a profit.

Deloitte asked 7,800 Millennials in 29 countries for their opinions on leadership and how business works and affects society.

About 60% of Millennials said they chose their current employers in part because of the company’s ‘sense of purpose.” That number was far higher—77%–among those respondents who were most technologically connected.

As for the gender gap, there is good and bad news. While women rated their skills roughly on par with men, or better, 21 percent said they felt they had leadership chops, compared to 27 percent of men.

And while 59 percent of men said they would like to get the top job in their companies, 47 percent of women said they shared that ambition.

The survey also uncovered differences between Millennials in developed and emerging markets, with those in developed countries less interested in working for large companies (35% vs. 51%) and more interested in holding the top job (65% vs. 38%).

Find the entire survey here.

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