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Working–at 90–for a Leading Innovator

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Think your company is cutting-edge because you have a bunch of Millennials on staff?

It may be, in a particular niche. Or for a short time.

But research shows that the more diverse a team is the smarter it is. It makes sense: Having contributors with more viewpoints and experiences means looking at problems from more angles and finding more and better solutions.

When it comes to innovating, having more diverse teams can open up niches that homogeneous teams just don’t see.

Need real-world proof? One of the most innovative companies around, IDEO, has a 90-year-old designer on staff.

After watching an interview with IDEO founder David Kelley during which he noted the importance of diversity on design teams, Barbara Beskind applied for a job. She got one, and now is part of a team designing products for older adults.

For a bit of inspiration, at any age, read more and watch her interview on NPR.

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