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The Best Consulting Companies in The Northeast

best consulting companies in the northeast

For the best consulting firms in the country, the Northeast corridor has the greatest concentration of top-ranked groups to choose from.

In our list of top boutique firms to work for, eight out of ten were in the Northeast. Of our top ranked large firms, only two of ten were not in the Northeast.

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If a smaller firm is for you, the Boston area is a hub of top-tier consulting firms. Boston-based Analysis Group came in at number three on our ranking of top boutique consulting firms followed by ClearView Healthcare Partners in the nearby suburb of Newton, MA at number four. At numbers eight and nine respectively were Boston-based Alliance Consulting and Keystone Strategy in Cambridge, MA.

The top choice for boutique consulting firms in Boston according to our rankings is the Analysis Group. Still small by some standards, the firm is big enough not to feel cramped: with 682 employees and 11 offices in three different countries, you would still have plenty of room to grow.

But what makes Boston such a hotbed of consulting that a full 40-percent of our top ten firms are in Beantown? For one, being the hometown of Harvard and MIT doesn’t hurt. More than 15-percent of Harvard’s undergraduate class of 2015 opted to go into consulting. MIT’s Sloan School of Management, number five on our rankings for top EMBA programs, also has a strong consulting cohort: about eight-percent of graduates go into consulting.

For the larger consulting firms, there’s nowhere quite like the Big Apple. With four of our top ten large firms based in New York, it’s no wonder that the consulting industry would thrive in the area where some of the nation’s largest companies are based as well.

Monitor Deloitte, number three on our ranking of top large consulting firms, is based in the heart of midtown Manhattan at historic 30 Rockefeller Plaza. New to our rankings this year, Monitor Deloitte boasts 151 offices around the world in addition to its New York headquarters. Employees there say the firm is more collaborative than its competitors and say the company even pays for the second year of employees’ MBA tuition.

Sliding from number three in 2015 to number four this year is McKinsey & Company, also headquartered in midtown Manhattan. New York is the company’s largest office in the world boasting some 500-consultants working across a wide variety of industries from financial services to media to healthcare. A diverse workplace, consultants hail from 35 countries and speak 29 languages. While the company scored middling marks for culture and money on our rankings (3.9 out of 5 and 3.7 out of 5 respectively), for prestige, McKinsey is a tough firm to beat: scoring 4.5 out of 5 on our rankings.

While they may pack the most top-tier firms into their city limits, Boston and New York are not the only options for consultants in the Northeast. Topping our boutique firm ranking list is Vynamic in Philadelphia, PA. Climbing up to the top slot from the number two spot on our ranking last year, Vynamic is a healthcare-focused consulting firm that offers its small workforce of 98-employees a healthy work-life balance. In fact, employees praise the company for its email policy that prohibits correspondence on weekends and after 10p.m.—a rare departure from the often 24-hour work cycle at other firms.

Washington D.C. also offers a promising option for consultants at The Advisory Board. Jumping up the Ivy Exec rankings for large consulting firms from number 11 in 2015 to number five this year, former and current employees of the Advisory Board praise the company for its commitment to a culture of service and its excellence particularly in the fields of health care and higher education.

Big or small, there are numerous options to choose from across the Northeast for prestigious consulting firms.

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