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The Best Consulting Firms in Europe to Work For

best consulting firms in europe

A life of overseas adventure can be an exciting part of a consultant’s career.

While plenty of the larger US-based firms offer travel abroad for project work or even remote offices around the globe, a firm based outside of the US altogether can have its own perks. Cultural differences or even the opportunity to use a second language can be exciting reasons to pursue a firm outside our borders. To help those consultants looking to indulge their wanderlust, here are Ivy Exec’s top ranked firms abroad.

The Best Consulting Firms in Europe – Boutiques

OC&C Strategy Consultants (London) — #16 Top Boutique Consulting Firm

OC&C Strategy Consultants is a new entrant to our Ivy Exec rankings this year. With 550 employees and 15 offices, the company is on the larger side for a boutique firm. But with that extra space comes more opportunity and room to grow.

“Very strong client list, especially in European markets. Great opportunity to work cross-borders. Strong training programs as well,” one current consultant tells us.

“There is an annual global training event…hosted in a different city each year,” a senior associate tells us of the opportunities to globetrot. “Great chance to meet colleagues from other offices, practice/learn different skills in structured training programs, and get to know a new city: past events were in Budapest, Antwerp [and] Barcelona.”

The company’s leadership also earned top marks from employees.

Simon-Kucher & Partners (Bonn, Germany) — #19 Top Boutique Consulting Firm

Slipping from 12th place on our Ivy Exec ranking last year to 19th place this year, Simon-Kucher & Partners offers consultants prestige but some challenges with compensation and company culture.

“Simon-Kucher can teach you a lot about pricing and marketing strategy. They really know the specifics very well. It can be a fantastic springboard into other industries,” a senior associate at the firm says. “That said, the culture and work-life balance have degraded significantly over the past years, and compensation remains below average.”

In particular, employees based outside of the German offices note that a cost of living adjustment is not adequately made for expensive cities like New York and San Francisco.

The Best Consulting Firms in Europe – Mid-Large

Roland Berger (Munich, Germany) — #9 Top Large Consulting Firm

Roland Berger has made an admirable climb up our rankings over the last year, jumping from 16th place to 9th. With high marks for prestige and quality of work, 89-percent of employees at this German firm say they’re proud to have it on their resume.

“Very entrepreneurial, forward thinking, not an industry dinosaur,” a current manager with the firm tells us.

Several employees reported that the culture of the firm is different in every office and country where it has satellites. In particular, consultants looking to gain prestige in Europe may find the best brand name recognition for their work with Roland Berger.

“Great market reputation in Europe, especially in Germany, France, Netherlands. Much less known in US and Asia,” one senior associate reports.

PA Consulting (London and New York) — #12 Top Large Consulting Firm

PA Consulting offers globetrotting consultants the best of both worlds with dual headquarters in both New York and London. Climbing up our charts by leaps and bounds, this company of 2,600 employees jumped from 23rd place on our ranking last year to 12th place this year. Workers with the firm give the company’s leadership high marks and 82-percent of them say it’s a great place to work.

“It is a personal, intimate firm where everyone helps everyone else,” a current senior associate reports. “There is a firm emphasis on…business development, technical expertise and consulting skills. The culture is still very British in many ways, with a conservative bent that emphasizes long-term client development and networking.”

While many employees praise the company for its growth opportunities and flat management structure, one consultant warns that to really take advantage of the firm’s potential, you must be based in the London office: “All the power is concentrated in UK, so outside the senior partners have very little power. They are just managers.”

Accenture (Dublin, Ireland) — #15 Top Large Consulting Firm

Accenture took a major tumble on our rankings from last year falling from 5th place to 15th place in 2016. With only 75-percent of employees reporting that Accenture is a great place to work, employee reviews are a mixed bag. One employee reports to Ivy Exec that the firm is the best he’s ever worked for because of its diversity while another staffer blasts the company’s diversity policy for being difficult and no inclusive. However, even when expressing challenges with the work environment, many employees say they’re proud of the company’s work and the prestige it brings to their resumes.

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