Company Spotlight: Vortex Capital Group

Vortex Capital Group

Ivy Exec recently interviewed Ashraf Yaghi, Director at Vortex Capital Group.

Ashraf Yaghi
Ashraf Yaghi – Director, Vortex Capital Group

Vortex Capital Group (VCG) is a proprietary trading firm with a principal focus on global equities and futures trading. Established in early 2011, VCG’s purpose is to develop trading strategies that take advantage of different market anomalies.

Ivy Exec: In which area of your company do you expect the most growth over the next 12 to 18 months?

Ashraf Yaghi: Vortex Capital Group is a proprietary trading firm, our income is generated strictly by developing and running algorithms for US Equities and helping traders improve and build on their existing knowledge base. Over the next 12 to 18 months we will invest in our infrastructure more than ever to keep up with the competition.

IE: What changes and challenges do you think your company and industry will see in the next 5 years?

AY: The trading industry is always evolving at an exponential pace as new technologies enter the market and old ones become obsolete while the need for proper regulatory environment has become a complex task.

IE: What attracts clients to Vortex Capital Group?

AY: We are a firm that strongly believes that hard work will always yield results. By always pushing the envelope we have managed to keep our growth and prospects to the upside.

IE: What three words best describe your culture?

AY: Bold, Fast, Dynamic

IE: What are the best perks that employees get at your company?

AY: The training we provide to new traders puts them on the right path right from the start. We are helping them think for themselves and building up skills and confidence which ultimately creates leaders. Most of our traders enjoy the freedom of interacting and bouncing ideas with each other which helps create a good social-work balance on the trading floor.

IE: Which leadership qualities best insure success at Vortex Capital Group?

AY: The most important quality to stay afloat in our industry is emotional control. A lot of new recruits are burnt out at the early stages due to high stress factors that result from trading volatility. Even though a lot of our work is automated, the emotional attachment from watching the algorithms can run high for some.

IE: What gets you excited about going to work each day?

AY: Each day is different at work and thus you can never have a boring day. Also, anyone who is working with us truly loves what they are doing.

IE: If you had to compare your organization to a car, what type would it be?

AY: Without a doubt, it would be a Tesla.

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