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Redefining Leadership: How to Drive Employee Engagement Through Positivity

Drive Employee Engagement Through Positivity

Managers lead their employees through the challenges of tightening deadlines, increasingly limited resources, constant change, and escalating competition.

The ability to think clearly, make sound decisions, and engage employees to their fullest are critical factors for success. Yet, robust and compelling evidence from the behavioral sciences has clearly shown that a manager’s reflexive behaviors can get them into trouble, leading them to incomplete thinking, story-based arguments, misjudgments of people, and to intuitive decisions that can be profoundly flawed.

Moreover, compelling new research calls into question both basic assumptions about what drives human performance, and the management training methods based on these assumptions.

In this webinar, CEO of the IE Business School Executive Education Program, Joaquín Uríbarri, will discuss how leaders can change the way they think and perform.  You will learn how to better interpret your own thinking, learn to lead through strengths, and understand new science-based development methods that can produce positive and deep change in our people.

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