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Non-Resume Communications:
How to Get on (and Stay on) HR’s Radar

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People often spend hours pouring over every bullet point, achievement, and sentence in their resume or cover letter – but will give no thought to all the ‘in-between communications’.

If you want to get on – and stay on – the company’s radar, you need to properly communicate through networking communications, application follow ups, interview thank you notes and follow ups, and more.

This webinar, presented by Ivy Exec Advisors Lilly-Marie Lamar will show you what goes into these communications, and when to send them.

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About the Author

Lilly-Marie Lamar is a career advisor for Ivy Exec. She provided career advice to college students and professionals in the U.S. and abroad, and was a Fulbright scholar. Lilly-Marie has a degree in education from Columbia University.