Company Spotlight: IBISWorld

IBISWorld Spotlight

Ivy Exec recently spoke with Jason Baker, CEO of IBISWorld.

Founded in 1971, IBISWorld is a research organization that specializes in the long range forecasting of industries and the business environment at large. Jason Baker offered insights into the company’s growth plans and what it is like working there.

Ivy Exec: In which areas of your company do you expect the most growth over the next five years?

Jason Baker IBISWorld
Jason Baker, CEO, IBISWorld

Jason Baker: Over the coming years, our New York City office will continue to grow aggressively as we seek talented individuals to join our sales, client service and production teams. We’re also excited to grow our procurement business in Los Angeles. As our industry and procurement products continue to thrive, we’ll expand coverage into new economies. We already have a strong presence in North America, China, Australia, and the UK, and we’re eager to enter new markets in the future.

IE: What attracts clients to IBISWorld?

JB: Clients value our unparalleled coverage of thousands of industries, products and services across North America and the globe. We’ve been investing in producing extensive, easy-to-digest research for over 40 years, and we’re proud to say that over 94% of our clients renew their memberships to continue using our timely analysis to make strategic business decisions. Our clients are also drawn to the exceptional level of customer service provided by our relationship managers throughout the duration of their license.

IE: How would you describe your culture?

JB: IBISWorld is a unique place to work. We value transparency from the top down, and we live it by giving staff a clear career path that includes skill levels, goals and salary bands. We also live and breathe professional development. From our weeks-long induction training to our weekly skill-building sessions, we support our staff in their infinite quest to learn and grow. And by filling our ranks with people who value these things too, we end up with a great social environment that fosters lifelong friendships.

IE: What are the best perks that employees get at your company?

JB: At IBISWorld, we’re all about work-life balance, so in addition to the standard benefits, like affordable health insurance options and 401(k) matching, we are proud to offer flexible work hours, the ability to work from home, and up to 4 weeks’ vacation per year with unlimited rollovers. Working hard doesn’t have to mean working long hours or sacrificing your quality of life!

IE: Which leadership qualities best ensure success at IBISWorld?

JB: Our successful employees are team players who demonstrate patience and maintain a positive attitude. They are also self-motivated and put the client first.

IE: What gets you excited about going to work each day?

JB: Seeing people grow professionally. At IBISWorld, I’ve been lucky to work with so many hard-working and intelligent people over the years. One of the most rewarding things has been seeing talent get promoted through the ranks.

IE: If you had to compare your organization to a car, what type would it be?

JB: IBISWorld might be a Smart car! As an employer, we’re unique and a bit of fun, and as a company we help our clients solve problems and make smart business decisions.

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