What You Say and How You Say it Influence Your Success and Your Career

language of leadership

Learn the language of leadership.

For people on the move, your voice, physical demeanor and polished negotiation skills all determine your career success and ultimately, your income.

You may be a good communicator, but new barriers to effective persuasion have burgeoned; linguistic, cultural and generational differences in the workplace require new training in our diverse world. Plus, being “on screen”, such as in video phone conferences, on TV or video recordings on social media severely magnify self-presentation issues one has that have not been specifically polished. To help you move ahead, the presenters address:

  • How to Adjust Your Speech to Reflect Your Audience
  • How to Command Vocal Presence
  • Accents, Regionalisms, Up-speak and “Vocal Fry”
  • Eliminating self-minimizing words and phrases
  • Key Negotiation Skills

Sharlene Vichness is president and founder of Language Directions, LLC. A certified language professional and course content innovator, Sharlene speaks frequently on issues regarding effective multicultural/multilingual communication and linguistic barriers to career success.

Christine Filip, president of Business Development Partners, is an ex-IBMer and lawyer who also holds a masters degree in Spanish. She is an expert on business development and sophisticated negotiation skills for B2Bs and professional service firms, as well as being an author, media commentator and keynote speaker.

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