What Consultants Really Think About Their Bosses

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One thing that we see time after time is that the quality of a company’s leadership is often a reflection of the quality of the company itself.

So when we survey our members, we are always excited to learn what they think about the senior leaders at consulting firms.

To get a solid representation of what people think about senior management, we ran their response through a word-cloud generator. Word clouds take a list of words that you provide and come back with a map of the most commonly appearing words and represent their frequency by font size.

We took the responses to the question “what words best represent the senior leadership?” and ran them through WordItOut.

And the results? Well let’s just say that senior leaders at consulting firms can breathe a long sigh of relief:


Pretty positive! Bravo to leaders in 2016. Some of the most common terms used include:

  • Focused
  • Vision/Visionary
  • Committed
  • Experienced
  • Smart
  • Collaborative
  • Integrity

Now anyone would be foolish to believe that every senior leader at every company is going to get five-star reviews. And to be fair, survey respondents had many diverse and colorful words to describe their senior leadership, which makes finding frequency for the negatives tough.

“Clueless,” “detached,” “confused,” “sociopaths,” and “draconian,” are just a few of the words also used to describe leaders. One survey respondent went on to say that they are: “A group of paranoid divas ready to sacrifice everybody getting in their way.”  Ouch!

Overall, feelings towards senior leadership were warm, or at least lukewarm. Said one respondent: “Human beings. Generally two eyes, two ears, nose and mouth.”

In our 2016 rankings, there were 2 clear winners for leadership: Vynamic, and ClearView Healthcare Partners with leadership scores of 4.78/5 and 4.61/5 respectively. Both firms beat the competition by a country mile with 3rd and 4th place coming in tied at 4.53/5.

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