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Identify the Best Paths to Growth

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If you are a start-up trying to get traction or an established company trying to launch new products and services, what you are really trying to do is grow.

With top line growth as the objective, you are—implicitly or explicitly—trying to do something new that creates value for your customers and ultimately your organization.

Disruptive ambiguity—which occurs when the established value creation formula for a sector is disrupted by turmoil in the marketplace—represents both a significant challenge to incumbent managers and a rich source of opportunity for growth-minded leaders.  The type of opportunities found in a rapidly changing marketplace require “thinking differently” about the most fundamental aspects of customer value, a challenge well suited for the more entrepreneurial-minded leaders willing to imagine a different future and build a new business proposition accordingly.

Joseph Pistrui has been looking into the challenge of making sense of disruptive ambiguity, and how to help leaders and their organizations become more systematic about identifying the emerging new business opportunities inherent in market uncertainty. He is currently leading the Nextsensing Initiative to help corporate executives, private business owners, and independent entrepreneurs develop their own “opportunity foresense,” the ability to frame possible productive opportunities to create growing streams of value earlier than others by developing an informed point of view about the real changes taking place.

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