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5 LinkedIn Tricks That Maximize Job Search ROI

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What used to transpire via Rolodexes and phone calls – from initial outreach to first-step networking – to reconnecting with long-lost colleagues, today often happens on LinkedIn.

Like it or not – LinkedIn is a vital tool for building, growing and accessing your professional network.

Here are 5 LinkedIn tricks that can be invaluable during a full-force job search.

1. Who Viewed Your Profile

Available to LinkedIn Premium members, this section provides you with details and analytics regarding who has visited your profile.

With this information, users are armed with the perfect segue into a conversation that begins with “Thanks for visiting my profile!”

2. Cyber Sleuthing

LinkedIn provides one-stop shopping when it comes to identifying companies or people to target.

Targeting Companies

In addition to providing a corporate overview, company pages offer you the opportunity to identify people you know (or those that may be worth getting to know) that work at specific organizations.

Select the “like” button to receive updates, job openings, etc., about a company that interests you.

Targeting People

When you are looking to make smart, strategic connections, and to learn more about people whom might ultimately interview you – there’s no better tool than LinkedIn’s People Search functionality.

Using the people search, one can learn about their experience, connections, education, and interests. If nothing else, the information may yield information that you can pull out of your pocket if conversation stalls during an interview.

3. Recommendations

The recommendation feature lets the voice of others corroborate your story and sing your praises. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to request recommendations from others.

Go to your profile page, and click on the drop down arrow near your profile picture. From there, click ‘Ask to be recommended’, then select the position you would like to receive a recommendation for, and finally, select a connection to send the request to.

It’s also easy to pay it forward by writing a recommendation for a peer, manager or direct report.

4. Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse offers thousands of articles written by members (from industry leaders to up-and-comers) that are perfect for sharing.

Engaging in articles by liking, commenting, and sharing, can help to build your reputation as an industry or job expert, and also ensures your profile remains prominently in your connections’ feeds – thus increasing the chance that your name will come to mind should a role of interest pop up.

The best part of LinkedIn Pulse? It’s available as a mobile-friendly app which means you can access it on the go.  Additionally, Pulse lets you customize by selecting topics or subject matters of interest.

5. Find and Get Found

There’s little doubt that LinkedIn is the premier networking site for professionals, and should supplement any job search. In addition to the sleuthing described in Tip #2, your profile can be optimized so that recruiters can find you. LinkedIn has search settings that enable your profile to be viewed by recruiters. You can even adjust settings in your profile to let recruiters know which jobs or industries you are interested in working in.

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While there are many bells and whistles that can help you to appear prominently and to conduct research, the five discussed above are sure to maximize your job search ROI. Happy hunting!

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About the Author

Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW is the founder of Virginia Franco Resumes which offers customized executive resume and LinkedIn profile writing services for the 21st century job seeker.