Negotiations and Leadership:
A Power and Politics Perspective

Negotiations and Leadership

If “influence, power and politics” sound somewhat ominous, consider that understanding and using these tactics in the area of interpersonal dynamics is crucial to approaching one’s career strategically.

Influence involves persuading others to our way of thinking. Power can be used both ethically and unethically, but it is central to getting things accomplished.

As for Politics – the reality is that politics exist anytime there is more than one person in a room. And yet, we’ve all heard people say, or have been the person who’s said, “I don’t believe in politics,” or “I don’t play politics.” Such comments are often political tactics in and of themselves, for, as Plato said, “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are inferior.”

In this seminar, University of San Diego School of Business Professor Craig Barkacs will present a strategic framework for how to successfully use Influence, Power and Politics to develop relationships, work within (or without) the hierarchy, confer and receive rewards and avoid undue burdens.

Craig Barkacs, a professor of business law, has, throughout his career, achieved outstanding results litigating opposite the most powerful law firms in the country. Barkacs teaches and publishes in topics on negotiation, corporate social responsibility, ethics, law and international business across the graduate programs in the University of San Diego School of Business and at universities around the world. Barkacs is also principal in The Barkacs Group, which provides negotiation and ethics training for the private sector, and is often sought out by media to comment on business, legal, ethical and political issues.

Barkacs has won awards for research and publications, including a prestigious University Professorship for outstanding career achievement in teaching, scholarship and service and designated Professor of the Year by graduate business students.

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