Turn Your Network into a Competitive Advantage

network competitive advantage

Networking is fundamental to business success.

It creates constellations of professional contacts that expand your sphere of influence. These support systems, when activated, contribute to your success in today’s role and position you for tomorrow’s advancement opportunities.

In his one-hour webinar, University of Pittsburgh faculty member Jim Craft discusses best practices for building and nurturing professional networks. He will talk about how leveraging your networks can improve your decision-making ability, increase your professional recognition, and contribute to your professional growth and opportunities.

Professor of Business Administration Jim Craft is a world-renowned expert in the field of human resources and labor relations. He has consulted for leading organizations including Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Ketchum Public Relations, and Koppers Company, Inc., and has published research on strategic planning and policy, behavioral science, human resources management, and industrial relations. Professor Craft is also a former Brookings Economic Policy Fellow in Washington, D.C. and was previously employed as a labor force analyst with the U.S. Department of Labor.

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