Positive Leadership Workshop – Unlocking Organizational Growth Through Positive Psychology

positive leadership workshop

Welcome to our Positive Leadership Workshop Series.

Presented by Declan Noone of Positive & Mindful Leader Magazine, this series includes weekly video training sessions that will introduce you to the theories and practices behind Positive Leadership.

Positive Leadership is the application of Positive Psychology to the human challenges in the workplace.

Its enables organizations and leaders to understand behavior, by centering on strengths rather than addressing constraints, and to leverage this understanding to achieve extraordinary results.

By developing a deep understanding of how people work, and how they achieve peak performance levels, an organization’s leaders and managers can design new structures and processes which optimize performance. This form of leadership is human-centric at its core.

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Week 10: Conclusion

Week 9 : Behavioural Fitness

In this installment, Declan shares insights into Behavioural Fitness, which comes into play during critical moments when leaders must make decisions and react to events around them.

Week 8: Reframing

Reframing is a powerful tool you can use each day to take a healthy and alternative perspective on an otherwise negative event. In this video, Declan shares six steps to reframe your mindset and two actions you can take over the next week to practice reframing.

Week 7: Mindful Minute

In this session, Declan shares a quick and easy exercise that you can use throughout the day when stress levels are high, and you need to regain focus.

Week 6: Mental Models

In this installment, Declan shares some of the most common Mental Models that block leaders from creating a positive work environment, and offers 3 steps for leaders to see past the Mental Models they have created, and view the realities surrounding them.

Week 5: Training Mindware

In week 5, Declan introduces us to Mindware, which refers to the 9 components that dictate our thinking and behavior.

Week 4: Task Enabling

This session focuses on Task Enabling, which is the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings one person engages in that help another person to be more successful or perform better on a task, project, or job.

Week 3: Resilience

In this session, we examine resilience – which is often confused with endurance. This session teaches us how to be resilient in the face of adversity by maintaining normal functions, and limiting stress.

Week 2: Emotions

In week 2, we examine the physical and mental reactions to positive and negative emotions.

Week 1: Introduction to Positive Leadership

With over 20 years of Senior military leadership behind him, Declan Co-founded Positive & Mindful Leader Magazine in 2016 following on from establishing Serrano 99 Management Consulting in 2015. His own experiences as a leader and his belief that positive psychology, behavioral science, and mindfulness applied to leadership are a new direction in how we develop and educate our leaders and develop organizations to meet the very changing demands before them.

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