Spotlight: Kineticos Life Sciences


Shailesh Maingi, founder of Kineticos Life Sciences Consulting, is driven by 2 rules: Be Brilliant, and Recognize Brilliance in Others.

A successful veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, Maingi, began his second career as an Entrepreneur in 2007. This transition allowed him to serve on the board of directors of several life sciences companies as well as become more active at UNC (his alma mater), where he has been part of Adjunct Faculty since 2012.

During the first few years of independent consulting, he received calls from colleagues and CEOs regarding challenges with their current projects and the “10 other problems they were currently having”, he joked. With experience in both science and general management, Shailesh advised these clients on product launches, M&A, reorganizations, and for younger companies: scaling and fund raising.

Maingi’s project work mentoring CEOs inspired him to form his consulting company, Kineticos. Four years ago he hired his first employee, (now 10 employees strong) and is focused on strategic growth for 2016. Through his company and project work, Shailesh is able to have an impact on the pharmaceutical industry while simultaneously driving his clients and strategic partners towards innovative thinking and strategies that will ultimately improve treatments for patients.

The company states on its website that “the life sciences industry is one of the most ever-changing, volatile, and evolutionary sectors in the world of business. The speed of innovation and advancement of knowledge in life sciences requires constant, continued learning, divergent thinking, and a “can-do” spirit.

The CEOs passion and belief in this statement is evident in speaking with him. It is even further evident through his interest in partnering with innovative thinkers and business leaders.

“We have an emerging biotech client with cutting edge technology who created patents and had an option to build a company around those patents, but needed help to do so” said Maingi. As a startup, they had multiple obstacles to overcome in order to achieve that vision including: “how to build the company, the structure, should they find partners and seek fund raising?” These are very difficult questions for a start up. Shailesh stated, “We helped them prioritize initiatives and put a valuation on the company. We helped find partners and recruit board members.”

For Maingi, Kineticos, and the pharmaceutical industry these are exciting times. “Innovation in this industry takes a long time” said Maingi. “Projects are now coming to light after 10 years in the regulatory process.” As a result, many of Kineticos’ clients are preparing to launch new products that will revolutionize the way in which we treat and view diseases and improve diagnostics. “We are incredibly bullish about where we are with technology” he said.

Building upon their belief in staying current in their expertise, Kineticos decided to create a one of a kind confidence survey. “We designed our survey to reflect what the current state of belief is within the biopharma community. We identified what investors are really looking for, and this tool allowed them to publish this information.”

Maingi’s dedication to making an impact within the Life Science Industry is as much about his clients as it is about the patient. “At the end, there is a patient involved, so we can’t be removed from that concept.”

This concept dictates what Shailesh looks for in new hires for Kineticos. “Sometimes consultants are known to tell a client what they want to hear, not what they need to hear…we want folks who are creative thinkers, selfless and authentic” he shares.

Shailesh Maingi’s philosophies are contagious: “What you decide to do with time is up to you. You can waste the gifts you’ve been given, or you can try to make this place a little better. If you think that way every day, it motivates, and the way I contribute is to improve healthcare outcomes for patients in my own way.”

About the Author

Sara Farkas is a Director at Ivy Exec, in New York. Helping to drive Ivy Exec’s mission to be a partner and trusted advisor to our clients, Sara leads our Global team in consulting on recruiting, compensation analysis, and industry intelligence. Focusing on the Company’s Consulting and Financial Services clients, Sara advises on searches that range from mid-level to c-suite/partner level.