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6 Reasons to Enroll in an EMBA Program in NY

As you pour over Ivy Exec’s 2017 Executive MBA program rankings and ultimately choose your business school adventure, you’ll find lots of reasons to go to lots of different schools.

For some people, it will be the commute, for others the cost, and for yet others, it will be the program structure that tips the scales. That said, you might want to look outside what works for you today and more at what is going to work best for you down the road.

Here are just some of the reasons you should enroll in an EMBA program that is based in New York.

You Want to Network

In New York, “your network equals your net worth.” Whether you choose to take your Executive MBA at FordhamUniversity’s Gabelli School of Business or you plan to attend the Columbia Business School Executive MBA Program, your classmates add to your experience. While you may be able to do great things alone, you can go even farther with a good team. Not only can you learn from each others’ experiences – remember, most people have over ten years of work experience when they enroll in an Executive MBA program – but you can push one another to do your best. The end result is the ultimate performance possible and a network of people you may be able to leverage down the road.

You are Always Networking

If being around like-minded people is essential to you, going to business school in New York is an excellent choice. Even if you are only attending every other weekend or once a month, with a little effort, you can find yourself in positions that help foster connections that can benefit you professionally. “The problem with many colleges is that they foster a very single-minded view because of the social bubble they produce,” explains Elite Daily. “In New York, you may encounter 30 different nationalities each with their own view and way of going about things, especially business.” Even simple conversations with these people can help inform your worldview and view of business in general.

You Like Competition

New York is notorious for competition. Whether you go for the Cornell Executive MBA Metro New York or the International School of Management (ISM) Executive MBA, you are not going to find hand-holding at your business school. You will not be coddled. You will be expected to perform and be quick on your feet at all times. By going to business school in this type of environment, you will learn to react quickly, to absorb as much information as possible, and to process the data you have so that it is actionable. It is an excellent skill to have no matter where your EMBA takes you, and it is a great way to distinguish yourself from your peers.

You Want a Challenge

In New York business schools, there are people from around the world and around the executive suite. These budding pioneers of business may not have made it to the C-Suite yet, but many of them will. You will meet someone who is smarter than you, someone who works harder, and someone who is more clever – and likely more than one. You cannot distinguish yourself on your knowledge, experience, or previous education – you are amongst peers. Your only choice is to work harder than the rest. Getting your EMBA in New York gives you a chance to challenge yourself.

You Want to Move to New York

You should also consider enrolling in an Executive MBA program based in New York. It may be a big city, but people run in surprisingly small circles. By going to school in New York City, you have a chance to gain entry to the networks you will need to leverage to get that first big job after graduation. You might also be able to pull from your professors’ connections as well as companies and recruiters who might be looking at your school. Plus, because you will be in the city so often, arranging interviews, be it for jobs or apartments, is easy.

You Like Museums, Culture, and Food

Of course, New York is also just an incredible city. Even if you don’t plan on living in the city after graduation, the networks you form will reach much farther than New Jersey and your experience will be memorable. Students often have free access to museums and discounted tickets to many cultural events (including Broadway). You will have the chance to try some of the most exceptional food in the United States, be it fine dining or just some really great pizza.


New York is a wonderful choice for your Executive MBA program. The city has lots to offer business school students – from food and culture to networking connections. Make sure to keep New York City on your list of possible business school locations.

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Renee Ann Butler is a business writer whose writing has appeared in numerous outlets related to finance and investing, from TheStreet to SCORE. She has an MBA, degrees in psychology, and over 15 years of experience working with hedge funds and startups.