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The 2017 Best EMBA Programs in the Midwest

midwest emba programs

The Midwest is home to some of the finest EMBA programs in the world.

At the top of our Ivy Exec rankings—and many others, for that matter—is the EMBA program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Kellogg was also second place on our worldwide ranking. This program swept the number one slot for all of our metrics with only one exception: life balance. But with an entirely classroom taught curriculum that can boast an average 55-percent salary boost upon graduation, it’s clear that Kellogg is an impressive choice for an EMBA student. Another bonus: this top program comes in under the six-figure mark, with tuition costing $95,000 for 24-months.

Just a 45-minute drive down the coast of Lake Michigan is our number two-ranked EMBA program in the Midwest: the Chicago Booth School of Business. This 21-month program came in third place in our global rankings—right behind Kellogg. But Booth commands a much higher price-tag than its Illinois neighbor with tuition costs for the 21-month program reaching $179,000—one of the highest of any university in the world. But, if you can swing it, the program does offer an average 107-percent salary increase upon graduation.

The Midwest has plenty of other phenomenal EMBA programs outside of the Windy City. Here are a few of Ivy Exec’s favorites that deserve a special spotlight:

The Purdue Executive MBA at the Krannert School of Management

The EMBA at Purdue is unique in its cohort-empowered structure. This program, like many others, includes an international residency. However, unlike most other schools where the location of the international residency is selected before applicants are even admitted, Purdue leaves the decision up to the cohort and the faculty. Previous international residencies have traveled to Istanbul, The Hague, Shanghai and Brussels—so it’s clear that recent cohorts have made good choices. The other five residencies are based at Purdue and spread over a 19-month period.

US Army Battle Captain Courtney Mills served her country in Afghanistan and is now a supervisor with Chesapeake Energy. She received her Purdue EMBA in 2016 and appreciated its structure.

“Purdue is unique in its quarterly residency schedules and cohort design. This format allows students to experience the culture and pride of Purdue University and encourages a strong basis of teamwork for class study, with is very similar to the military team mentality,” she says.

The Fisher Executive MBA at Ohio State University

Fisher offers a speedy 17-month track for its EMBA students, making it one of the shortest programs out there. Also good news for busy execs, the program does not require the GMAT for entry. The program also has an impressively seasoned cohort with the average student boasting 17 years of work experience. Dr. Ryan Carvalho, Fisher EMBA ’14, exemplifies this experienced cohort. He pursued his EMBA while also continuing his work as a practicing physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

“The Fisher EMBA will grow your knowledge and accelerate your career, making you a better corporate citizen and an invaluable member to society,” he says of his education.

He now puts his joint background in medicine and business to work as the vice president of Medical & Scientific Affairs for Nestle Infant Nutrition.

IMM Global EMBA Program at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management

Yet another prestigious program from Purdue’s Krannert School of Management, the IMM Global EMBA gives its cohorts an international education. The program is divided into five, two-week residencies that span four continents and seven countries. The 19-month long program offers online collaborative learning between modules to help students apply their lessons in the real world. The IMM Global EMBA also holds the unique distinction of being one of the very few programs in the world where women outnumber men: the cohort is divided 52-percent female to 48-percent male.

Meera Gursahaney is a member of that female majority and received her IMM Global EMBA in 2016. She’s a manager at the Whirlpool Corporation in Michigan.

“I was drawn to the IMM program by the unparalleled global experience that it offers. I knew that I would be able to gain global business competence through classes in some of the most influential economic regions of the world,” she says.

Broad Executive MBA at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business

The Broad EMBA is tailored to work within the confines of a busy executive’s schedule without sacrificing on quality. Every other week, the cohort meets on Friday evening and all day Saturday throughout the 20-month program. Broad also requires a weeklong global residency. Past classes have traveled to Argentina, South Africa, India or Brazil among others.

When Kellie Boyd ’15 was choosing whether or not to pursue her EMBA, she chose Broad because of the program’s integrative approach to learning a wide variety of necessary business disciplines.

“I learned accounting, I learned finance, I learned about human resources, strategy—all of the things I needed to be a better business leader. And that is why I set out to go into the program, because I wanted to be a better leader,” Boyd recalls.

After graduation, she became the Michigan Director of First Children’s Finance, a company that provides loans and development assistance for childcare companies that serve lower-income families. She credits the Broad EMBA with helping her to successfully merge her interests in business and human services.

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