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Brave Leadership: How to Create Lasting Change in Turbulent Times

Brave Leadership

A Brave Leader is a person who has the courage to go against the norms, to change attitudes among peers, and question the tide of opinion among key stakeholders, and in the society at large.

Brave Leaders know that we have to question and improve systems to secure a viable future.

They have transformed an organization, started an NGO, made a proposal to the parliament for a new initiative or practice- the list goes on. Behind every decision is insight: someone or some team had a vision for something different and better. More importantly, this person or team also showed courage – to take the first brave steps to implement this vision.

This class is presented by Margareta Barchan, Founder of the Brave Leaders Project, and graduate of HEC Paris & University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School program: Consulting and Coaching for Change.

Margareta will examine the demands of company leadership and personal values; why do some leaders stand up for their values? How can you channel your ethical values through the decisions you make as a leader? What is it to lead for long-term positive impact, and not just short-term profitability? These questions – and more – will be discussed during the class.

Margareta Barchan specializes in helping organizations create and implement strategies that support a sustainable future – by striking a balance between social, environmental and financial responsibility. She earned her MSc in Consulting and Coaching for Change from HEC Paris in collaboration with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Margareta is an entrepreneur who has started several successful companies and foundations, always with a focus on the human side of change. She earned the “Business Woman of the Year” award in Sweden 1997.

Now she is driving the research “Brave Leaders Project”. Why are some leaders more prepared to stand up for their values and beliefs than others? This is one question she asks managers and leaders whose vision goes beyond short-term gains and shareholder value.

She is an Affiliate Professor in Sustainability at Lorange Institute for Business in Zurich and in Leadership & Management at Business School Lausanne. She is a graduate of advanced studies in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Geneva and is a graduate of Harvard Business School. She serves as a director on several corporate boards.

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