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Ivy Exec sat down to speak with Sean Campbell The President and Founder of Cascade Insights to learn more about what differentiates his B2B technology-focused market research and competitive intelligence company.

  • What is your origin story? What is your mission?

We were founded in 2006, after the sale of my first company. Our mission is to help our client’s make better decisions.

  • What are your company’s main differentiators within the Market Research space?

Our biggest differentiator is what we don’t do. We don’t try to span 30 industries, we don’t try to tackle every market research method, we simply focus on what works best for the client’s we know best. B2B focused technology companies and product teams.

  • Where do your company’s best ideas come from?

We are constantly learning and exploring the world our clients inhabit. That leads to the best ideas.

  • What are your areas of focus within market research?

We focus on working with B2B focused Technology companies. Exclusively.

  • What advice would you like to offer to those in our community who go onto to participate in market research projects?

Be a specialist. Don’t be a generalist. The best reason for this comes from our clients. If an individual you were working with switched industries, technology to manufacturing, for example, their new boss wouldn’t expect them to know much about the new industry they’ve switched to, perhaps for a long time.

Which is what happens when a generalist, who works across a bunch of different industries, tries to solve a real-world problem, they provide a general and uninformed answer. Which a client picks up on right away. So be a specialist and grow in your area of specialization, as opposed to trying to be everything to everyone, which never works long term.

  • Where do you see the Market Research industry heading in the next 3-5 years?

More Big Data, More Social Media, More Focus on the Buyer’s Journey and Analytics associated with that Journey, and more Qualitative work, as we try to balance out the Big Data we’ve collected with qualitative perspectives.

  • What exciting initiatives do you have planned for 2017?

Continuing to expand our knowledge about the kinds of challenges our clients face. With that foundation, we’ll always know the right way to assist in solving our client’s research challenges.

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