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Ready When You Are: EMBA Programs with Rolling Admissions Deadlines

emba rolling deadlines

Committing to start an executive MBA is a major decision.

But, realistically, most people don’t arrive at this decision at the perfect time to begin the application process for a school’s specific deadline. Because it’s stressful enough to go through the process of selecting a school, taking the GMAT, ordering college transcripts and writing essays, several top EMBA programs now offer rolling application deadlines to give candidates the flexibility they need to take the leap into their higher education.

To help you find the school that’s right for you, Ivy Exec has compiled this list of our favorite programs with rolling deadlines.

IMM Global EMBA Program – Krannert School of Management at Purdue University

The IMM Global EMBA accepts applications and admits candidates throughout the year. Ranked at #8 in the Midwest, this is one of the few programs in the world where women outnumber men: 52-percent to 48-percent respectively. The 19-month program has a reasonable price tag of $80,000 and offers an average 50-percent post graduation salary boost. Together, the cohort travels the world: visiting seven countries across four continents.

Interested candidates are welcome to speak with the admissions team before applying to determine whether or not they would be a good fit. Once the application is submitted, IMM interviews every candidate to best evaluate his or her compatibility with the program. The GMAT is also required for candidates although, in certain cases, the admissions team will waive the need for a test score when extensive work experience proves adequately compelling.

IE Global – IE Business School Executive MBA

Ranked #10 in Europe, the IE Global EMBA accepts applications throughout the year. The 15-month program costs $82,000 and blends online studies with in-classroom learning across the globe: from Madrid to Los Angeles to Singapore.

Applicants are expected to have, at minimum, a decade of work experience—five of which are completed at the management level—some international experience and an undergraduate degree. Once the application is completed, candidates will be offered a personal interview before the admissions team makes its final decision.

Cornell Executive MBA Metro New York – Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University

Ranked impressively at #6 in the Northeast, this 22-month program accepts applications throughout the year. Although the tuition is pricey at $170,000, graduates report an average post-degree salary boost of 102-percent. The school’s admissions team encourages applicants to apply as early as possible to ensure that they will have a space—and so that admitted students will have plenty of time to prepare for the program.

Before applying, candidates can complete an optional pre-assessment quiz. This tool allows applicants to get feedback on their candidacy before diving in fully to the admissions process. This also allows applicants who are unsure of which EMBA program to pursue to gain thoughtful guidance from an admissions counselor who can point them in the right direction. Once a prospective student submits his application and all of his recommendations and transcripts are received, he will be contacted to set up an interview. These interviews may be conducted in person, by phone or even online. Finally, the admissions team will inform candidates of its decision within about two weeks of completing the interview.

The Executive MBA Americas – Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University and the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

This joint program that came in 8th on our Ivy Exec Global rankings, runs for 17 months with classes in cities around the world. Tuition is $135,000 and graduates can expect an average 53-percent salary increase after receiving their degrees. Luckily, prospective students can apply for this international education adventure through Cornell with the exact same rolling admissions process as the one listed above.

The University of Colorado EMBA  

Ranked #18 in the West, this global-minded program gives its students the opportunity to travel abroad as a cohort once and up to three additional times for other, optional projects.

For this rolling deadline, candidates with at least eight years of experience must submit their university transcripts, two letters of professional recommendation as well as a self-recommendation letter, along with the completed admissions form and a resume. If the prospective student has an impressive GMAT score, she is welcome to submit it with her application but not required to do so. Once submitted, candidates must complete an interview to offer insight to the admissions committee for why they are pursuing this degree.

Fox Executive MBA – Temple University

This turbo-charged 16-month program meets for one weekend every month and offers international learning opportunities as well as classes at its home base in North Philadelphia.

Candidates can fill out a pre-qualification questionnaire on the school’s website to find out if they might be a strong applicant before going all in with an application. Interested students submit college transcripts, a resume, two letters of recommendation, a personal essay and a GMAT or GRE score—although this last requirement may be waived on a case-by-case basis. Interviews are offered by invitation only once all application components have been received.

But while applications are accepted on a rolling basis, there is a deadline for scholarship applications—and it’s coming up on June 1st for the cohort looking to start in July 2017.

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