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Four Advantages of EMBA Programs in England

When you start looking at Executive MBA programs, it might be tempting to restrict your search to schools that are a natural commute from where you currently live, but there are some excellent reasons to branch out. Once you open up the possibility of traveling to your program, the world becomes very small – for instance, you can choose to go to business school in England. In fact, for some people, going to England for business school could be the smartest of decisions.

While you can look at Ivy Exec’s 2017 EMBA program rankings to find a school that is a good fit for your needs and goals, here are some reasons why attending an executive MBA program in England is a good idea.

Improve Your Language Skills

One advantage of going to school in England is the ability to improve your language skills. Immersion is the best way to learn any language. As long as you can pass a competency test to prove that you can learn in English, living amongst so many native English speakers will only serve to improve your English – a skill you can keep forever.

Moreover, while there is undoubtedly a benefit for non-native English speakers, there are also language benefits for people born in the United States. Travel is effortless and inexpensive from England. Whether you want to learn French, German, Italian, or Spanish, you are a short plane or ferry ride away. The cost of extending your trips to school will be minimal compared to the language skills you can develop.

Earn a Better Return on Investment

Going to business school in England also carries a significant financial benefit. For one, top schools, like London Business School, are substantial investments. LBS itself costs USD 110,000 for its Executive MBA program, but it is worth every penny (or pence). The London Business School Executive MBA is ranked second in Europe and fifth the world. Students see an average 41% salary increase post-degree.

If smaller schools and smaller classes are more your speed, consider the Cranfield Executive MBA. The program is ranked number eleven in Europe, and the Cranfield University Executive MBA is in the top 20 for curriculum, career advancement, global experience, and prestige. Post graduation, students see an average 42% increase in salary and the average tuition for attendance is less than USD 46,000. The average class size at the Cranfield School of Management is just 33, and top industries include manufacturing and retail.

Change your Career Trajectory 

You might also want to consider going to England for your Executive MBA if you’re going to ultimately relocate to England or Europe upon graduation. By going to business school in England, you open the door to some possibilities for your future that just would not have been there before.

Throughout your studies, you will meet a variety of people who will be able to help you advance in your career – your professors may have connections with local employers, your alumni network will primarily be based in England or Europe, and you may have opportunities to intern with local companies. In some cases, employers will prefer someone who has studied in England or Europe. They take it as an indicator that you will understand how they do business in England and Europe – and how the two differ from each other. When you attend business school in England, you gain all of these benefits – advantages you can leverage into opportunities.

Do it for the Challenge and Wanderlust

Finally, consider going to England for your Executive MBA because of the challenge it presents. Even if you are from the United States, you will experience a bevy of different culture shocks. Bus timetables, the stock market, and even the way telephones ring will be different. The personal challenge can be invigorating. In addition, you will also get a chance to satisfy your wanderlust.

Whether you stay within the borders of England itself or you opt to travel out to some of the many destinations that can be reached quickly by air, you will enjoy an opportunity to travel that is unparalleled to what you will find in the United States. For the price of a long cab ride, you could take a cheap flight to France, Spain, or Ireland. Bus and train travel is often just as inexpensive and lets you explore Europe off the beaten track. Your experiences may not necessarily advance you professionally. They may, but they will certainly help you develop personally and satisfy your love of travel and adventure.

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Renee Ann Butler is a business writer whose writing has appeared in numerous outlets related to finance and investing, from TheStreet to SCORE. She has an MBA, degrees in psychology, and over 15 years of experience working with hedge funds and startups.