Business Strategy

Going global: How to Create an International Strategy & Competitive Advantage

The traditional approach to building a multinational brand is obsolete.

Falling trade barriers, rapid advancement in technology, and growing similarities of international customer needs all require organizations to develop a whole strategy that combines home market success with international adaptation and global integration.

This online class, led by Professor George Yip of Imperial College Business School, will identify the basis of competitive advantage for going international.

By attending, you will learn how to develop strategies for dealing with foreign competitors both at home and overseas, and how international strategy should evolve over time. We will examine Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Starbucks, the latest exemplars of Western companies, to understand these principles.


Professor Yip is the Associate Dean for Executive Programmes at Imperial College Business School and one of the world’s leading authorities on global strategy and marketing, managing global customers and internationalisation. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board of MIT Sloan Management Review. Previous business positions include Vice President and Director of Research & Innovation at Capgemini Consulting and Senior Manager at Price Waterhouse (USA). 

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