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The Importance of Recruiting and Retaining Women in Business

Panel Participants:

  • Sara Conzemius, Co-Founder, Illume Advising
  • Debbie Millin, COO, Globalization Partners
  • Subha Barry, SVP Senior Vice President Bonnier Corp. & Managing Director Working Mother Media

Moderator: Sara Farkas, Director of Strategic Development, Ivy Exec

Women make up more than half of the world’s population. They are a force to be reckoned with in the business world: they run billion dollar companies, they are entrepreneurs, and they are innovators. Yet, women have been long overlooked as a vital talent resource that contributes to economic growth and prosperity.

Overwhelming evidence demonstrates that businesses benefit from gender diversity in the workplace. And over 50% of business leaders say that they need to do more to attract, retain and promote women to leadership positions. So what is holding back gender parity?

During this panel discussion, we will openly discuss the challenges and successes around recruiting, retaining and promoting women in business from the perspective of 3 top business leaders who have achieved tremendous success in traditionally male-dominated industries. We will also share some insights for today’s business leaders around ways in which they can drive diversity and inclusion in their own organizations.

As a women-owned and led business ourselves, it is important for us to support other women-led businesses across the globe. At Ivy Exec, we believe in Empowered Success. We strive to promote a universally inclusive environment where individuals and disruptive companies have the opportunity to realize their potential, be recognized for their achievements and be provided with the education, mentoring, sponsorship and networking opportunities geared toward their professional needs that will drive them towards success.

We aim to highlight women-led businesses that are led by trailblazers and foster the advancement of female professionals.

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