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Leverage an MBA to Become a Global-Ready Business Leader

Leverage an MBA

Many people dream of living and working in a foreign country.

IESE brings together MBA Admissions and Career Services to discuss the steps they took to get international offers and provide advice on steps MBA students can take to be more attractive to international employers. What challenges will you face finding a job outside of your home country? How can you make the most of your MBA to reach your goals? How can you best position yourself for an international role?


About the Speaker:

Pascal Michels graduated from IESE’s full-time MBA in 2010 and joined Citigroup’s London office. He last served as Lead Analyst (VP) on the Private Bank’s CFO team. In 2013 Pascal joined IESE’s MBA Career Services team where he looked after the finance sector. In 2017 he changed departments to become MBA Admissions Director and president of the MBA Admissions Committee. In his free time, he mixes up Barcelona’s playground scene with his four-year-old daughter and struggles to be a decent trail runner.

About the Author

The IESE MBA is your deep-dive into a global business. Delivered over a full 19 months, it offers depth, a breadth of knowledge and the option to gain hands-on experience of international business across five continents. You customize your learning with a choice of electives, internships, overseas modules and exchange programs. The MBA will have a profound and lasting impact on your career, and on your future.