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What’s the Real Value of an Executive MBA?

If you’re considering pushing the boundaries of your career with an advanced degree in business, you may be wondering whether an Executive MBA is the right degree for you. In the past, the EMBA was sometimes unfairly (and erroneously) labeled as an “MBA Lite” degree, but that characterization has faded fast as the Executive MBA has proven its value.

In fact, in a 2009 survey, the Graduate Management Admission Council rated the Executive MBA highest among all MBA programs. Maybe it’s time to give serious thought to your Executive MBA.

What’s the Difference Between the EMBA and the MBA?

One thing that stands out between students in an EMBA program versus those pursuing a traditional MBA is that, in many cases, EMBA seekers have been identified by their employers as leaders with above-average potential. EMBA candidates are required to have at least seven years of supervisory or management experience before gaining acceptance to an EMBA program.

The elevated peer environment raises the level of classroom discussion and offers real-world case studies. Further, the Executive MBA programs are structured for learners who expect to maintain full-time jobs while they earn their degree.

Investing in Yourself

Whether you finance your own Executive MBA or your company underwrites some of the costs, investing in an advanced degree can expand your opportunities. You may be able to view real-world problems with a new set of eyes and work toward solutions to seemingly intractable business problems. The skills to understand and harness the power of the digital information revolution are vital — think big data applications – and an Executive MBA can help you gain important insights.

The challenges and opportunities inherent in a global economy mean an Executive MBA can be even more beneficial, increasing your knowledge base in all areas of business development. These skills can propel you to new career heights and expand your opportunities for growth.

The Power of Networking

In Executive MBA programs, you’ll encounter a striking cross-section of professionals, including international students. You’ll approach case studies with peers whose backgrounds include engineering, technology, healthcare, low, defense, and investment banking, among others. They’ll represent many different multinational corporation sizes, bringing a broad range of experience and expertise.

Many MBA programs are structured so that you’ll take most of your classes with the same group of students, leading to deep professional relationships. The contacts you make in your Executive MBA program provide a wide-ranging, long-term professional network. In an ever more connected economy, a well-developed network of contacts is an invaluable asset that increases over time.

The Confidence to Succeed

Perhaps the greatest value in your Executive MBA degree is the confidence it can give you to take risks and embrace your potential. Participating in class discussions, working on challenging projects, and going head-to-head with some of the most talented teachers and business professionals can give you a heightened appreciation for your own abilities and expertise. Armed with a rich professional network and valuable experience solving real-world problems with the best minds in business, you’ll approach your career opportunities with aplomb.

Now is a great time to take a look at today’s dynamic EMBA programs. Equip yourself to take advantage of opportunities for growth in a growing global economy.

Washington State University’s Online EMBA Program

Washington State’s online Executive MBA degree curriculum is delivered from an executive’s point of view and includes courses in marketing management, business analytics, financial management, strategy formulation and organizational design, international business management, and more. WSU’s EMBA program aims to prepare graduates to become the innovative executive leaders of tomorrow. Visit the Washington State EMBA website for more information.

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The WSU Executive MBA Online is designed for the experienced professional who is looking to gain an executive edge and take their career and organization to the next level. Delivered 100% online, an EMBA student can collaborate with other executives across many industries to solve real-world business challenges and further develop their management skills to become a leader among leaders.