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The 2018 Top EMBA Programs in the Midwest

Top EMBA programs in the midwest

Cheese, vast stretches of open lands, and the Great Lakes aren’t the only things the Midwest is known for. It is also home to some of the best EMBA programs in the world.

Two of the top three EMBA programs on Ivy Exec’s global list of the 2018 Best Executive MBA Programs are from the region.

Northwestern University’s Kellogg EMBA and the University of Chicago’s Chicago Booth Executive MBA programs have held onto the #2 and #3 spots for three consecutive years since Ivy Exec started publishing its regional Executive MBA Rankings in 2016 – a remarkable feat, if we must say so.

The Best EMBA Programs in the Midwest

For 2018’s top Midwest EMBA programs, landing on the top spot is the Kellogg Executive MBA, which took home the same distinction in 2017. It is ranked #1 for career advancement, #2 for both curriculum and global experience, and #4 for life balance. The program, which lasts 24 months, will cost you approximately $201,120 on tuition, but with a 55% average salary increase post-graduation, a figure that has remained unchanged year on year, the initial cost is generally well worth it in the end.

Krannert School of Management’s Purdue Executive MBA came in at sixth place this year. It’s a rigorous 19-month program that combines classroom (16%), online (80%), and experiential (4%) learning. Residencies are at Purdue and an international location chosen by the student. If you’re looking for an MBA that’s under $100,000, with an average total cost of $85,000 and an average salary increase post-degree of 32%, this program is definitely worth considering.

Other Noteworthy EMBA Programs in the Midwest

Of course, Kellogg’s and Krannert’s aren’t the only EMBA programs worth raving about in the Midwest. There are several others that are worthy of the prestige they, too, are enjoying. And as is customary of Ivy Exec each year, there are a couple of favorites we would like to put the spotlight on this 2018:

Fisher EMBA (Ohio State University)

The Ohio State University’s Fisher EMBA program deserves a mention for several reasons:

  • 50% pay hike after graduation. Although the average tuition is upwards of $100,000 for 16 months, Fisher EMBA graduates report an average 50% salary increase post-graduation.
  • Cohort population that’s 35% international. Fisher attracts not just students from the Midwest and the rest of the country but students from all over the world as well. Its EMBA population is diverse, with 35% of the total number of students from outside the U.S.
  • 100% in-classroom. This EMBA program is a great fit for students who prefer face-to-face learning over virtual, self-paced instruction. Classes are held three consecutive days a month – on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • 100% of faculty with doctorates. To ensure topnotch instruction, members of the Fisher College of Business faculty are doctoral degree holders who incorporate modern business issues and management principles into their curriculums.
  • A strong network of Ohio State graduates. The Fisher College of Business has over 75,000 graduates all over the world, a network that spans various industries and careers.

Broad EMBA (Michigan State University)

Also deserving of the spotlight is the Eli Broad College of Business EMBA program from the Michigan State University, which is currently ranked #9 in the Midwest. We’re highlighting this program this year for the following reasons.

  • 56% pay hike after graduation. With an average total tuition that’s significantly cheaper than its counterparts ($72,000), this EMBA program also reports a 56% boost in average salary post-degree.
  • Weekend classes. Specifically designed for the working professional who wants to further their education, and, therefore, their career options, Broad EMBA classes meet on Friday evenings and all day on Saturdays.
  • Global residency. A required weeklong global residency is an integral part of this EMBA program. Students from previous classes include Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa, China, Hungary, and the Czech Republic among the countries they’ve traveled to for immersion.
  • 91% of faculty with doctorates. Broad College of Business currently has 29 faculty members, 91% of whom hold doctorate degrees.

The Midwest is no stranger to quality education, and if you’re from the Midwest or someone looking to maximize the best of the Midwest while getting an MBA, the above EMBA programs represent the best in the region.

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