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3 More Hidden Triggers in Hiring (and How to Use Them)

In an earlier post, I wrote about 3 amazing hidden triggers in hiring. These are powerful influencers which anyone can use to get an edge — here’s the post if you haven’t read it.

Ever since it came out, people have been asking me for more. So without further ado, here are 3 more hidden triggers in the hiring process which you can use to gain an ethical-yet-borderline-unfair advantage!

1) Scarcity- “You’ll Appreciate Me Most When I’m Gone.”

Think about it: the ONLY reason the odds seem stacked against you during a job search is because there are many, many other competitors and only ONE job. The job is scarce, so everyone wants it. That creates an enormous amount of leverage for an employer and basically allows them to set the rules of the game.

So what can we do to even things out?

One method I don’t recommend is to bluff (pretending you have multiple offers going, etc.)

If you mess up or overplay your hand, you’ll permanently lose credibility with these people. And that strikes me as way too much of a risk.

Here are some above-board ways to communicate scarcity instead:

Always provide specific times of the day for a call or interview (ex. 10:45 am EST, 2:30 pm EST). You are NEVER available throughout the day. This simple change immediately sends a message that you value your time, and may very well have things going on with other companies. Great!

– Make it clear what they stand to LOSE if they don’t hire you. What are the negative consequences of not having you there? How will this company continue to “bleed” without your healing powers?

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2) Authority — “Trust the expert.”

-Have someone who’s well-respected make an introduction on your behalf. Study after study shows that when an expert takes the time to mention your credentials and expertise, your perceived worth skyrockets.

-Prominently highlight marquee brands you’ve worked with within the Resume and LinkedIn Profile (ex. A leader in helping global hospitality companies like Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels reinvent the customer experience). Some of the perceived qualities of these brands will rub off onto you…instant Authority points!

-Disagree (politely). You can’t be a “yes man” AND an authority figure. Find consensus on the big points, but don’t be afraid to say no on the smaller ones.

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3) Commitment & Consistency — “I do as I say.”

When we make small commitments, there’s an enormous amount of pressure to take larger actions which align with the earlier commitment. The “brute force” version of this is a car salesman who pushes you to tell him what’s keeping you from buying a car today, methodically go through those details, and the moment you present any hesitation state, “Didn’t you say X and Y was all you needed to say Yes?”

There’s a “white hat” way to get the benefit of this in hiring:

Use every answer you give during an interview as an opportunity to ask a focused question in return. Not only will you learn great background details to hopefully turn the interview into more of a working meeting, but as things progress you can use this habit of asking questions of your interviewer to reveal hidden landmines. What’s missing in your candidacy? What missteps have you made? What should you do to make the upcoming meeting with the CEO go smoother? Lead up to these major questions by asking smaller ones first, and you’ll activate this pressure to stay consistent.

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