Advancing On The Job Series: Letter from the Editor

Dear Ivy Exec Members,

My name is Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill and I am currently the Sr. Content Manager for Ivy Exec. You have undoubtedly been advancing on the job to date, through a combination of hard work, ambition, and the occasional dose of good fortune. Many of you have never really had to look for a job before, and I know this as fact, having spoken directly to thousands of you during the 4.5 years I spent as the Sr. Career Advisor here.

Regardless of the career stage at which I met you, a shared trait I observed among all of you was the desire to continue with career advancement and upward mobility in your function, sector, and industry. This said, many of you I spoke to found themselves hitting a wall in some aspect of their career progression. For some, it was trying to determine which skills to focus on upgrading or certifications to obtain. Others were vacillating between seeking an internal promotion or testing the waters of the job market to get ahead. Regardless of the circumstances, the key driver was and remains, the desire to advance.

Against this backdrop, I am excited to announce an upcoming content series centered around the theme of “Advancing on the Job.” From April through June, I will be publishing posts and conducting webinars under this theme to support you in your career advancement ambitions. Look out for article titles ending with the “ | Advancing on the Job Series” tag. Some of these articles will also be pinned to the “Must Reads” section of the blog home page for easy access going forward (see image below). This article will also serve as a home base/repository to contain the collection of these articles as they are published (scroll to the bottom).

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you and continuing to support your needs through content. If you ever have any suggestions or feedback about the Ivy Exec Insights blog or newsletter and how it can better serve you, please reach out to me via:

Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill, MA. Ed.M
Senior Content Manager | Ivy Exec 

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