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Agile Management (Digital Transformation)

The goal of agile management is to bring together different methods and approaches in order to streamline internal production processes.


Pragmatic approach

Capitalizing on this methodology enables leaders to adopt a pragmatic approach and to focus their resources on the conception of a minimum viable product (MVP). This approach is particularly useful for answering questions about usage and simplification and encouraging collaboration among the different stakeholders involved in the project. It also leads to shorter iterations, better deliverability and a greater acceptance of change.

The ability to determine the best time to release a new product has become a major source of competitive advantage.

The two-pizza rule, developed by Jeff Bezos, is a way to keep teams manageable in size for easier collaboration, better deliverability and greater acceptance of change. If the team can’t be fed by two pizzas, it’s too big..

Communication is key

The idea is to reduce the taskforce working on the project in order to encourage innovative thinking. “If you compare the pizza team concept with an agile team, you need to imagine each slice of pizza having a different topping,” notes Professor Marie-Hélène Delmond. Each slice represents a part of the team with different skills and levels of expertise.

Companies are not ready to handle all the different technologies available.

“Even if they have important responsibilities and are running the business, the members of the task force should be able to distance themselves from the pressures of their daily operational activities in order to be able to think out of the box during the project.” PROFESSOR MARIE-HÉLÈNE DELMOND

When everything is changing, leaders can’t just rely on their instincts: making decisions informed by data can unlock new insights, create value and even foster a happier culture, with employees knowing they can trust that decisions made are based on facts.

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