Avoiding Conflict Avoidance At Work [Webinar]

In conference rooms all across the world, people are NOT saying what’s on their minds with more and more frequency. Why? Because we’ve been taught to not make waves at work, and that a harmonic workplace is a good workplace.

Certified Career Development Coach and Founder of The Career Passport Jill Ozovek and Mala Grewal, CEO of Talent Catalyst team up to dispel these myths in an online class that will help you:

  • Explore the benefits of NOT always getting along with your co-workers
  • Uncover the hidden costs to innovation, revenue and fulfilling the mission of the organization when you always avoid conflict
  • How to engage in difficult conversations in a respectful way
  • What an actual (difficult?) conversation looks like
  • How to get over and move past generational biases

This class is for:

  • Anyone on a functional team that works toward a common goal
  • Managers who want to encourage innovation and openness to foster a high trust environment where goals are met and exceeded
  • Talent development managers looking for tips on not avoiding difficult conversations
  • Teams to watch together and learn from…together, so everyone is on the same page.

About the Author

Jill Ozovek is a certified career coach in New York City. Her practice focuses on helping Millennial and mid-career women find and develop careers that align with their passions. For more info on your own career change and Jill’s Career Change Kitchen course, click here.