Cornell Executive Speaker Series

Challenge Your Team to Innovate

A leader going over a project plan with her team to challenge them to innovate

When you lead for creativity, your organization can address the complex challenges of today’s business world and find solutions that are innovative and inspired, but still feasible and practical. Instilling a creative, problem-solving culture in your organization is a disciplined process that will require you to think and behave differently, and to provide just the right resources and incentives to challenge and engage your team.

In this webinar, Professor Elizabeth Mannix, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Management at Cornell’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management will take you through a framework that will help you lead for creativity and foster a culture of innovation in your organization.

Professor Mannix will discuss:

  • How to frame your own creative perspective
  • What it takes to build a creative culture
  • How to lead alongside, and inspire your team to think and behave more creatively
  • What you and individual team members need to contribute to foster and maintain a creative environment

You will learn from examples of how leaders at top companies in consumer goods, entertainment, and media, technology and healthcare are challenging their teams to reach beyond the things they know — to reach outside of their comfort zones — to make the seemingly impossible, achievable.

About the Author

Elizabeth (“Beta”) Mannix is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Management at the Johnson Graduate School of Management.  She served as the Associate Dean for Executive MBA programs at Cornell University from 2012-2017.

Professor Mannix’s research and teaching are focused on effective organizational performance,   and the factors that make individuals motivated, high-performing leaders and team members.  Specific topics include Authentic leadership, principled negotiation, and influence, the role of emotional intelligence in business settings, organizational change, women in leadership and diversity.   She is certified in the MSCEIT emotional intelligence assessment.  Professor Mannix is the author of over 50 peer-reviewed articles, as well as the 15 volume book series, Research on Managing Groups and Teams.  Her work has been recognized by awards from organizations including the Academy of Management, Small Group Research, and the International Association for Conflict Management. 

Professor Mannix teaches and consults with Executives and organizations nationally and from around the globe, with a special emphasis on the Middle East and Asia.  She is a two-time Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Review, as well as a Fellow of the American Psychological Society, the Society for Organizational Behavior, and the Academy of Management.  Mannix earned her Ph.D. degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the faculty at Cornell, and was on the faculty at Columbia Business School and Chicago Booth.

About the Author

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