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Is Creativity an Innate Trait, or Can it be Developed? [Video]

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Is Creativity an Innate Trait, or Can it be Developed?

While many of us believe that creativity is an innate trait, research is beginning to demonstrate that it’s a skill that can be developed, much like any other.



There’s no such thing as a creative solution, but it’s really about creative approaches.


Creativity isn’t a trait. It’s not something you’re born with. Because one of the misconceptions that people have is: you’re either creative, or you’re not. You’re either a genius, or you’re not. And that’s not true.

A lot of research actually suggests that creativity, much like other skills, can be cultivated and can be something that you develop over time. And there are methods that we can use — systematic thinking methods, for example — that will lead people to become more creative.

In the end creativity is very much like beauty; it’s in the eyes of the beholder.

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