Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity as a Business Strategy


In this webinar, our panelists tackle the timely topic of Diversity as a Business Strategy.

While many business leaders are attempting to implement diversity recruitment, promotion, and retention strategies, many struggle with the essential steps.  Our panel of experts and practitioners bring their knowledge in the diversity space to help educate our audience on driving critical thinking and change.

Dr. Susan Fleming (Sr. Lecturer at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management), Dr. Andrei Cimpian (Associate Professor of Psychology at NYU) and Megha Mathur (Sr. Engagement Manager, and head of the Diversity Initiative at Keystone Strategy) will discuss:

  • The business benefits of diversity
  • How to get a diversity program started
  • How to properly implement and empower an existing program
  • Moving toward parity in representation in senior leadership

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About the presenters:

Dr. Susan Fleming: Susan is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Management at Cornell’s Johson Graduate School of Management. She worked on Wall Street for 12yrs, where she held various including, Analyst at Morgan Stanley and Partner at Capital Z Financial Services. She earned her PhD in management at Cornell, where her research focused on understanding the factors contributing to a dearth of women in leadership positions in the U.S.

Dr. Andrei Cimpian: Andrei earned a PhD in psychology from Stanford University in 2008 and is now an award-winning Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University. One of his main areas of expertise is academic achievement and motivation. He has also investigated common cultural beliefs about intellectual ability—including stereotypes about who has such ability—and the effects these beliefs have on young people’s aspirations and achievement. Dr. Cimpian’s research has been published in top journals such as Science and Behavioral and Brain Sciences, and earned media coverage from outlets including The New York Times and The Atlantic.

Megha Mathur: Megha is a technology business strategy consultant who is passionate about using technology and data to empower organizations and people. She also heads Keystone Strategy’s Diversity Initiative which welcomes world-class diversity experts to the and firm and whose bend towards equitable policies that support diverse populations influences the firm’s recruiting, retention and career growth programs.

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