How to Stay Ethical in an Unethical Climate

How to Stay Ethical in an Unethical Climate

We’ve all been there: confronted with a co-worker who may practice deceitful or even illegal behavior.

As regularly highlighted by the media, extreme cases and costly scams are common across all types of industries in the United States. But did you know that it’s far more common and pervasive to experience or witness ‘ordinary’ unethical behavior—that is, unethical actions committed by people who value and care about morality but behave unethically when faced with an opportunity to cheat?

In this webinar, Paul Melendez, professor of practice in management and organizations, reviews the latest thinking on practicing ethical behavior and provides tips on how to ensure that, even on your worst days, you are not acting unethically.

About the Presenter

Paul Melendez is professor of practice in the Department of Management and Organizations and founder for the Center for Leadership Ethics in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in business ethics, international management, organizational behavior, human resources and innovation. He writes a variety of cases on personal and professional ethics, leads academic programs to emerging economies and consults for clients around the world on ethical-decision making, transformational leadership and innovation.

He was previously on the faculty of the University of Arizona School of Public Administration and Policy where he taught courses in public policy, public management and the analysis of data for decision-making. He also served as assistant dean for Eller Executive Education where he successfully helped launch a nonprofit, demand-driven, consulting wing for the college. 

About the Author

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