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Non-Resume Communications: How to Get On (and Stay on) HR’s Radar

non-resume communications

People often spend hours pouring over every bullet point, achievement, and sentence in their resume or cover letter – but will give no thought to all the ‘in-between communications’.

If you want to get on – and stay on – the company’s radar, you need to properly communicate through networking communications, application follow-ups, interview thank you notes and follow-ups, and more.

This webinar, presented by Ivy Exec’s Sr. Career Advisor, Lilly-Marie Lamar, will show you what goes into these communications, and when to send them.

About the Presenter

Lilly-Marie Lamar is Ivy Exec’s Senior Career Advisor. With a Master of Arts and Master in Higher Education degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, Lilly-Marie has helped thousands of professionals optimize their job search process, develop their resume and propel their careers.

About the Author

Lilly-Marie Lamar is a career advisor for Ivy Exec. She provided career advice to college students and professionals in the U.S. and abroad, and was a Fulbright scholar. Lilly-Marie has a degree in education from Columbia University.