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Promotion and Performance Series: Letter from the Editor

promotion and performance

Dear Ivy Exec Members,
I hope you enjoyed and found value in the Networking for Success Series, shared over the past few months. Earlier in the year, we also had an Advancing on the Job Series. As we enter the last quarter of the year, this is a critical time in which promotion and performance are top of mind. Those of you who are not pursuing an active job search, are likely focused on strengthening your case for promotion and/or preparing for year-end performance reviews. You are trying to position yourself for positive performance reviews, ideally leading to pay raises and title changes.

Achieving career advancement is not an easy task though. These days, promotion takes much more than just hard work. Are the criteria for strong performance and promotion clear in your organization? Do the right people who have influence in the promotion process know who you are? If you got a chance to state your case during a review/promotion discussion, do you know what to say? These are just a few of the critical questions you need to ask yourself and which we shall explore together to support your career advancement. The excellence of your work is one of the few tangibles in this process. For most professionals, the remaining factors regarding framing your argument, positioning your value, and networking with the right people are far more intangible and harder to execute.

To this end, I am excited to announce that I will be publishing articles and webinars under the “Promotion and Performance Series” banner, from October through to December. Some of these articles will also be pinned to the “Must Reads” section of the blog homepage, located on the right-hand side of the homepage for easy access going forward. This article will also serve as a home base/repository to contain the collection of these articles and webinars as they are published over time (scroll down).

I look forward to continuing on this journey with you and supporting your job search, career advancement, and professional development needs through content. If you ever have any suggestions or feedback about the Ivy Exec Insights blog or twice-weekly Insights Newsletter and how they can better serve you, please reach out to me via:

Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill, MA. Ed.M
Senior Content Manager | Ivy Exec

Promotion and Performance Series

  • How to Get Promoted for Women [WEBINAR]

    • It’s clear that earning a promotion takes more than just hard work and good results. For women, the process can be even more challenging to navigate. Learn how to position yourself for promotion, how to craft a compelling case, and who you need to impress and partner with.
  • 5 Signs that You’re Not Ready for Promotion

    • Feel like you’re doing everything right, but you still aren’t getting promoted? Here are 5 factors of promotion that you may not have thought about.
  • Are You Too Valuable to be Promoted? 3 Ways to Escape this Trap

    • Though it seems totally counterintuitive, your success in your current role can bar you from promotion in the eyes of your manager. What s/he is truly worried about is the vacuum left by your advancement. Learn 3 ways to escape this trap and get the promotion you deserve.
  • 5 Signs that You Are Ready for a Promotion

    • As a dedicated professional, you are certainly intrinsically motivated. However, you also hope to receive external rewards for your efforts. Here are 5 signs that your hard work might demonstrate that you’re ready for a promotion.
  • 5 Signs Your Boss Wants to Promote You

    • After you’ve been in a job for a while it can become mundane, but before you start looking for a new job here are 5 signs your boss wants to promote you.
  • 5 Tips on How to Ace an Internal Interview

    • Just because you are applying for an internal role, doesn’t mean you should take your preparation any less seriously. If you are looking to advance within your company, learn 5 key ways to help you prepare and ace your internal interview.
  • 10 Things to Keep in Your Personal Performance Review File, and Why

    • It is easy to forget what to say when it comes to yearly performance reviews, keeping track of your milestones throughout the year is a good way to be prepared for your next performance review. Here are 10 key things to include in your performance review file so that you’re ready when review time rolls around.
  • Why Selling Yourself Doesn’t Get You the Job or Promotion

    • “You have to sell yourself!” It’s advice that we’ve all heard, but it might actually be harmful for your chance at a job or promotion. Here’s why selling yourself doesn’t work and some better things that you can do instead.
  • What to Say in a Performance Review

    • No matter what you think, your manager hasn’t been paying as much attention to your work as you would like. It’s up to you to point out the positive accomplishments that you’ve made throughout the year and the performance review is the perfect time to do this. Here are some tips on what to say in your next performance review.
  • How to Prepare for an Annual Performance Review

    • Performance reviews aren’t about judgement, they are about helping you to develop professionally. Your performance review can still be stressful though, so it’s best to be prepared. Here are some tips for before, during, and after the performance review that will help you succeed.
  • How to Navigate Promotion and Competition in the Workplace

    • Competition in the in the workplace can be good or bad, depending on what type of competition it is. Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy competition in the workplace and ways that you can take the healthy path at work.
  • Promotion Problems at Work: 13 Things That May be Holding You Back

    • You are working hard and perhaps even meeting and exceeding your targets yet seem to keep being passed over for promotion — what gives? Here are 13 promotion problems that may be holding you back from advancing. Identification is the first step to resolution.

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Nii Ato is the Senior Content Manager at Ivy Exec, following four years on the front lines providing day-to-day career and resume advice to our members. When not creating or sourcing content to support member-advancement -- he plays left mid-field for Arsenal [in his mind].