Summer Job Search Tactics: How to Land a Job When Everyone Is on Vacation

summer job search

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…unless, of course, you’re a job seeker! There’s no rest for the unemployed (and those anxious to be employed elsewhere). However, as anyone who has ever  conducted a summer job search knows, it’s not exactly easy to land a new gig when everyone is on vacation!

Still, it can be done. Here are some simple tips to help make your summertime job search more successful.

Use the Timing to Your Advantage

The time of year might actually work for you as a job seeker. After all, from June through August, things tend to slow down quite a bit in most organizations. So, it could be easier to take time off for attending interviews. With kids on summer break, managers are prepared for people to request vacation, half-days and late starts. So, you can just blend in with the rest of your co-workers! And bonus: there may also be less competition in the job market for these same reasons.

Some companies will even hire temporary employees or contractors to cover people on vacation. This gives job seekers a wonderful opportunity to get a foot in the door and test the waters of an organization before committing to a fulltime, permanent position.

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Expect Delays

With summer vacations come slower decision-making. It can be harder for prospective employers to gather the right people together all at once to join interviews and discuss options. Remember that things move a bit slower during a summer job search, so don’t get discouraged. Likewise, if you have to participate in multiple interviews because people can’t align their schedules, recognize that it’s just par for the course. Try to be flexible!

At the same time, remain persistent. While they might not feel a sense of urgency, you shouldn’t get lazy. Let them know that you’re actively searching. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a decision; always keep your search moving forward.

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Keep Networking

Summer is an ideal time to engage in networking activities. With the slower pace and hotter weather, everyone is looking for a reason to get out of the office! Take a long lunch with a colleague or spend the evening drinking cocktails and mixing at a meeting of your professional association. These activities are relaxed and enjoyable, and they provide great opportunities to expand your network. When it comes to job search, there is nothing more valuable than a warm introduction from a professional contact.

Here’s the bottom line: Never let the time of year slow down your job search. Hiring happens in every season. There are benefits and drawbacks to a summer job search, just as there are in the winter. But, with commitment and effort, you can absolutely find fantastic new employment all year round.

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