Negotiation Skills

Survive and Thrive after a Difficult Conversation

Difficult conversations between managers and subordinates, whether they involve coaching or criticism, are a necessary part of the workplace, yet they are often a significant cause of anxiety or misunderstandings.

Handled correctly, however, these conversations can facilitate growth and teamwork, enhancing the work environment, performance and results. Deborah Good, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration, will describe why “Do it, don’t dodge it” is among her best practices and provide scenarios and guidance on how to engage in difficult conversations and how to survive and thrive afterwards.

About the Speaker

Dr. Deborah Good is a native of the Pittsburgh area and has been a faculty member at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh since 1984. Dr. Good teaches Business Communication, Interpersonal Skills and Career Development, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior courses across the undergraduate, MBA and Executive MBA programs. The courses she teaches are a reflection of her training as she has a B.A. in English from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Youngstown State. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Good has served as a research associate at the National Education Center for Women in Business. She serves on various CBA and University of Pittsburgh Committees as well as the Board of Directors of ABSEL.  Her current consulting work involves performance management and assessment with a nationwide financial institution and her current research interests include experience based learning, human resource metrics, talent management and business communication styles.  

About the Author

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