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The 5 Most Common Job Search Mistakes & How to Fix Them

job search mistaks

Our team speaks with over 100 Ivy Exec members every week, and we hear it all: interview nightmares, resumes not receiving responses, and networks being neglected.

Join our online class with Senior Career Advisor, Lilly-Marie Lamar, as she shares some of the most common errors, hurdles, and difficulties that the modern job seeker confronts, and the best ways to fix them.

  • Develop a Proper Job Search Strategy
  • The Right Way to Address an Employer’s Needs in Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Adding Networking to Your Strategy
  • How to craft and leverge your pitch

About the presenter

Lilly-Marie Lamar is Ivy Exec’s Senior Career Advisor. With a Master of Arts and Master in Higher Education degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, Lilly-Marie has helped thousands of professionals optimize their job search process, develop their resume and propel their careers.

About the Author

Nii Ato is the Senior Content Manager at Ivy Exec, following four years on the front lines providing day-to-day career and resume advice to our members. When not creating or sourcing content to support member-advancement -- he plays left mid-field for Arsenal [in his mind].