Cornell Executive Speaker Series

Establish Trust Through Persuasive Leadership

two men discussion in the lounge, using trust to build a persuasive relationship

Leadership is the art of getting everyone on board with the idea of a common mission or goal.

This often entails changing the minds of some in order to implement new ideas or practices. Professor Angela Noble-Grange, a senior lecturer of communication at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business, will discuss how some of the world’s greatest leaders, from Tim Cook of Apple to Melinda Gates, successfully influence without exerting authority over others. The most effective persuasive communication includes the ability to connect the dots for your audience while establishing trust as a leader.

Join Professor Noble-Grange in uncovering:

  • The secret of securing more Yes’s than No’s
  • Identifying the reservations and more importantly the benefits to your audience
  • Overcoming resistance by adopting your audience’s perspective


About the Speaker

A graduate of the Johnson MBA program, Professor Noble-Grange teaches oral communication and management writing at Johnson. Her interests include persuasive speaking and writing as well as gender and race differences in message perception. She was the founding director of the Office for Women and Minorities in Business (now ODI) in 1999 and president of the Noble Economic Development Group, a microenterprise development consulting company, from June 1994 to January 1999. Professor Noble-Grange has served on numerous boards and is currently a trustee for Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks. She earned her BA in communication studies and Russian in 1983 and her MBA from Johnson in 1994. 

About the Author

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University leverages the extensive resources of one of the largest Ivy League universities to deliver a robust, general management Executive MBA curriculum that equips you to lead and succeed in the 21st century’s dynamic business environment.