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5 Tips for Finding a Job That’s Out-of-State

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If you’re preparing to begin a new job search, you might feel apprehensive about the availability of desirable positions. However, by broadening your search to opportunities that are out-of-state, you increase the chances of finding the perfect fit. Furthermore, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone to experience new things and see the world from a new perspective will likely increase your personal sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, which will translate to better results in the office.

5 Job Search Tips for Crossing State Lines

1. Research Different Cities & Their Job Markets

If you’re going to relocate, you want to make sure the move will be beneficial for your career. Research the job markets in different cities to get a sense of which areas are the most promising for your industry. For example, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago are some of the best cities for jobs in marketing. Or, if you have a career in the energy sector, narrow your search to cities like Phoenix, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, or Miami. Not only will this open you up to a broader range of opportunities, but it will also make it easier for you to advance your career.

2. Check Your Network

Chances are, there are at least a few people within your professional network who have connections to another city or state. Go through your social media platforms and contact list and reach out to old colleagues, friends, and mentors. Ask them what they’ve been up to and if they have any advice for moving into a new locale. If you’re comfortable, consider asking them to see if there are any job openings available in their company or extended network.

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3. Be Upfront About Your Circumstance

Once you begin reaching out to recruiters and hiring managers, it won’t take long for the topic of your current location to come up. Be honest about where you are and what you’re planning to do. Let the recruiter know that you’re willing to relocate for the right offer.

4. Schedule Time for Interviews

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If you’ve narrowed down your job search to one specific location, plan to travel to the location for a week or two and schedule all your interviews during this time. Ask them if you could come in to tour the office or have an exploratory meeting to discuss the position. Flying in for a face-to-face meeting will show hiring managers you’re serious about making the move and will encourage them to move forward with your candidacy. You can also use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the area.

5. Be Prepared

Ideally, if a company is interested, they’ll be willing to cover some or all of your relocation costs. However, that isn’t always the case, and you wouldn’t want to let finances keep you from moving forward with a great offer. As you begin your job search, start putting money aside to cover expenses like movers, transportation, and a security deposit. Be prepared to move as soon as you get an offer, and communicate that information with the hiring manager.

Starting a new job search can be intimidating—especially if you start looking out of state. But the key to success is patience and persistence. With the right connections, a strategic plan about how to move forward, a solid resume, and a bit of faith, the situation is bound to work out. Before you know it, you’ll be in a new city, enjoying exciting opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.

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