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7 Business Schools With Lucrative Corporate Partnerships

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“It’s not what you know—it’s who you know.”

The phrase might be cliché, but that doesn’t make it untrue. If you know the right people in a company, you’re more likely to get a job offer than if you applied to a position online. In fact, 85% of all jobs are filled through networking, according to a LinkedIn study.

Networking is essential to your success, and that’s why you should look at a school’s network before applying to their EMBA program. While earning a graduate degree will accelerate your career no matter who you know, you’ll get far more out of the experience if you choose a program that’s connected to key organizations in your industry.

When you’re competing against hundreds of qualified candidates for the same position, the best way to stand out is through your previous interactions with a company. If you know the manager at company ABC thanks to your alma-mater, your potential as a job candidate increases exponentially.

So, where should you go to school if you want to expand your network and gain access to organizations through academic partnerships? We’ve identified the following EMBA programs for having established partnerships with top employers.

7 Business Schools With Hiring Funnels for Executives

1. Pace University’s Masters in Finance for Professionals 

The Pace University Masters in Finance for Professionals program is designed for small class sizes, which means you’ll build deep relationships with your fellow students. When there are just 20 of you, collaboration inside and outside the classroom is built into the curriculum. According to the website, “Students and faculty in the program become like an extended family. This helps to establish close friendships and a very strong personal and professional support network for students in the program.”

Small cohorts also mean that you’ll have many more opportunities to stand out and make a good impression on potential employers. And Pace’s location in Downtown Manhattan means you’ll have a chance to interact with many best-in-class financial services companies. Students regularly have the opportunity to work with Wall Street firms and other companies in the area. In fact, many NYC business executives regularly participate in classes as consultants and guest speakers.

Up to 10,000 employers work with Pace every year. Here are just a few highlights from a recent alumni networking event:

  • Microsoft
  • Pfizer
  • Spectranetics Corp.
  • Procor Solutions + Consulting
  • Adobe

2. The University of Oklahoma Price Executive MBA in Energy

If you want to attend an EMBA program that will enhance your career, choose a program that’s well known within your industry. The University of Oklahoma’s Executive MBA in Energy has operated for over 50 years and is praised worldwide for having a foundational impact on the energy sector. Because of this, you’ll have no problem developing contacts if you enroll in the program. Everyone involved, from fellow classmates to instructors and alumni, is already an established contributor in the industry.

For example, the Price alumni network and Program Advisory Board spans the C-suite of some of the biggest organizations in the energy sector from around the globe. Companies include (but aren’t limited to):

  • ConocoPhillips
  • Devon Energy
  • Mack Energy
  • Nabors Industry
  • Mid-Pac Petroleum
  • Alliance Resource Partners
  • Royal Dutch Shell

Additionally, students in the 15-month program have the opportunity to work with energy leaders directly during an international study module. Half-way through the program, students travel to Europe to meet with industry experts and observe organizations and plants onsite. These initial touchpoints can be invaluable when you apply to a job—they help set precedent and create common ground between the interviewer and you. 

3. University of Alabama Culverhouse EMBA 

A large alumni network will help you make connections, and the University of Alabama Culverhouse EMBA program has just that. There are more than 48,237 Culverhouse graduates and 9,032 Manderson Graduate School alumni spread across the globe. These individuals are eager to help fellow graduates move up the corporate ladder—and work for a variety of prominent companies, including: 

  • Nissan North America
  • Precision Grinding
  • Progress Rail
  • Blackfin 360
  • Avilution
  • Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  • ESPN

Additionally, students and company sponsors often work together throughout the EMBA program on real-time business challenges. These experiential learning opportunities help students develop their leadership skills, expand their business horizons, and increase their network to a diverse group of peers and mentors. As the website says, “From the largest multinational organizations to the smallest companies, businesses find that investing in their most valuable employees by sponsoring their Executive MBA education can benefit everyone involved.”

4. Chapman University EMBA

business schoolChapman University offers a unique, immersive residential experience where students spend time working closely with U.S.-based and international companies. Starting the very first week, students head to San Diego to gain hands-on experience. Then, mid-program, students spend nine days working with executives at multinational companies across the globe, including organizations in China, Vietnam, Japan, and India.

Additionally, there are many unique career development opportunities available just for EMBA students. Chapman hosts an annual career fair including power players from the Big 4 as well as: 

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Disney
  • Ayco
  • United Sports Brands
  • Pacific Life

There’s also a mentorship program that pairs students with business leadership for executive coaching and professional development, and students are invited on corporate site visits to various businesses in Orange County.

5. Columbia Business School Executive MBA

A quality Career Management Center (CMC) like they have at Columbia Business School can offer a clear path to career success. The center provides many resources, including one-on-one sessions with advisors, workshops, and more.

Columbia also provides a suite of services to support their cohorts after graduation, including recruiting events, interview prep, networking sessions, educational presentations, and corporate visits. Graduates from the Columbia Business School’s EMBA program can also enroll in COIN, a career management portal.

With Columbia Business School, you’ll have a comprehensive support system with all the training and resources you need to advance your career. Top employers for the 2019 class include: 

  • McKinsey & Company
  • Bain & Company
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Deloitte
  • Amazon
  • Google 

6. London Business School Executive Education Programmes 

The London Business School’s Executive Education Programmes provide 10,000 students annually with many unique opportunities to enhance their careers. Students can take courses individually tailored to help meet their goals and expand their network within their chosen industry. Whether you’re interested in general management, finance, strategy, marketing, or digital transformation, you can enroll in a class with other like-minded and experienced individuals without committing to a multi-year degree.

At LBS, you’ll also gain access to the Global Business Consortium, which is one of the world’s leading consortia for businesses. During this 20-day experience spanning three countries, over 700 leaders from around the globe gather to talk about disruptions in the modern economic landscape. Organization members include:

  • Bupa
  • DP World
  • Emirates
  • GEA
  • Mars Inc
  • Oracle

7. Cornell Executive MBA Americas

If you’re looking for an international classroom where you’ll develop a network of exceptional peers, the Cornell Executive MBA Americas is for you. You’ll connect with classmates throughout North and South America and contribute to global conversations about the economy, globalization, world trade, sustainability, and other high-impact topics. Students also participate in a Global Business Project, which offers a comprehensive analysis of a real international businesses. It’s a “live case” where your team will travel to the organization to conduct field research and write a final report.

Cornell also has an incredible Executive MBA Career Development Team. This team includes dedicated EMBA career coaches who can help you navigate different stages of your career. Alumni career forums take place twice a year in NYC and on the West Coast; during these sessions, students learn about career opportunities at Fortune 500 companies and startups. 

Additionally, there’s an annual Cornell EMBA Exchange Networking Event, which brings together alumni, recruiting professionals, and EMBA students for networking in NYC. Cornell maintains ties with the following organizations: 

  • 20th Century Fox
  • American Express
  • Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • Apple Inc.
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • United States Army and United States Air Force

Attending graduate-level courses at a top-rated business school can help you accelerate your career to the next level. Learn more about the best EMBA programs by visiting Ivy Exec’s 2019 ranking page.


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