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How to Combat Loneliness In Your Job Search

combat loneliness in your job search

Job searching can be a lonely activity. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Recently, I spoke to a marketing executive who was quite perplexed as to why she wasn’t getting traction in her job search.

She was spending a ton of time sending out applications, but only getting a handful of interviews. Then with the interviews she had, she was always getting passed over and not getting the offer.

Self-doubt had settled in big time with her. In the past, she had always been tapped for opportunities. Now it was approaching a year and she hadn’t landed yet. She had even given up a dream vacation because she got laid off.

Here’s the bottom line, when I offered her a solution to her job search problems she stood in her belief that she didn’t really need help.

And unfortunately, I have heard this before…successful business leaders who believe they can do it on their own even when they are entering month 12 of their job search.

Honestly, it makes me wonder why.

Why would you want to deal with self-doubt on your own?

Why do you keep tolerating a stressful or toxic work environment?

Why do you justify to yourself that it’s okay to not take a vacation for 4 years?

Why wouldn’t you want to take a short cut to land your ideal job?

Look, I know job search can seem like it should be a solo adventure. After all, no one knows your career better than you. And, there can be shame when you find yourself unemployed, regardless of the reason you’re in that position, especially when you have a reputation of being a savvy leader.

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It Takes A Village To Find A Job

The truth is it takes a network to find the right fit job and nobody gets to the top without help. Sports figures have coaches and actors have agents. However, executives tend to think their hard work and reputation will pay off when they want to move their career forward.

When you enlist the help of others you’ll stay more motivated, accountable and positive. Not only that, but you’ll land faster, too.

You see there are a small handful of smart executives who are quietly landing their ideal jobs in a matter of weeks instead of months or even years because they have sought help.

Job Search Work Team

This term was coined by Orville Pierson of Lee Hecht Harrison but the concept is not new. A job search work team is a group of people who help each other with job search by holding each other accountable to focus on key tasks and get them done. 

Usually, the team is 6-12 members and they meet on a weekly basis. Statistics show members of a team like this land up to 20% faster than job seekers who are not part of a team.

Job Search Buddy

If groups are not your thing, find a friend. Ideally, this would be someone that can hold you accountable and also serve as a wise sounding board. Sometimes just having someone that will listen to your challenges can help you see a solution.

You probably don’t want to enlist a close family member as they can easily get more emotionally involved. Seek out a mentor or a former colleague that you can trust to keep things confidential.

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Job Search Coach

You aren’t a professional job seeker, nor do you want to be right? So why not seek the help of a professional.

A coach can bring a neutral perspective to your job search strategy and offer expertise in areas that you don’t practice on a daily basis. They can also help you avoid pitfalls so you can get to your goal faster.

Many people hold off until going to a coach until they feel desperate. However, as with most things, it’s better to take preventive measures. Signs that you may need to hire a job search coach are things like:

  • You’re feeling stuck and out of ideas of what to try next.
  • You’re not sure where to start networking.
  • You’re not confident in your interviewing skills. 
  • You’re feeling an identity loss after being downsized.
  • You’re dreading Mondays and can’t imagine how to start a job search while you’re employed.

In order to figure out what coach is the best fit for you, check them out online and see what they are writing about. Do you find yourself nodding your head at their advice? Then explore if they have experience in your field or with the type of situation you are in. Last but not least see if they have a complimentary consultation. Any legit coach should because they want to make sure you are a right fit for their services, too.

One Is The Loneliest Number In Job Search

So, next time you’re feeling perplexed as to why you’re not getting traction on your job search, why not stand on the shoulders of giants so you can land your ideal job faster? Your network, friends, family all want to help. Find the help that best fits you so your job search doesn’t have to be lonely.

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