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Getting an EMBA? Here’s Why You Should Explore Programs in the Asia-Pacific Region


There’s no denying it—some of the best business schools in the world are in the U.S. We’re home to household names like Harvard, Wharton, and Duke. But while these schools offer prestige, there are many EMBA programs worldwide that rival even the most competitive universities.

For example, applications to Asia-Pacific schools are growing faster (8.9%) than anywhere else in the world. Their unique curriculum helps students gain insight into a rapidly growing market that has dramatically different business and consumer cultures compared to the West. Firsthand experience in that environment is a premium asset for business leaders worldwide. In 2018, the  DHL Global Connectedness Index reached an all-time high, indicating more trade, capital, information, and people cross national borders than ever before. This trend gives no indication of slowing, even with the introduction of new trade tariffs. What does this mean for business leaders? To thrive, they need to expand their global influence—and promote employees with a global perspective into leadership roles.

The Asia-Pacific region in particular hosts many of the world’s economic hubs, including Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Attending an international EMBA program in the Asia-Pacific region means you’ll gain the following advantages:

  • A Professional Network Worldwide: If your company has a global focus or plans to expand, a diverse and international cohort will prove invaluable to your success.
  • Cultural Awareness: Working and living abroad will help you connect with a global team and facilitate their progression.
  • A Higher Return on Your Investment: EMBA programs in the Asia-Pacific often charge lower tuition prices compared to their U.S. counterparts. But the experience offers many of the same advantages, including the potential to earn a higher salary.

Once you’ve decided to pursue an EMBA program abroad, the next step is selecting the right program. At Ivy Exec, SP Jain Executive MBA in Dubia is one of our top choices.

SP Jain Executive MBA in Dubai

EMBAThe SP Jain Executive MBA in Dubai is one of the top EMBA programs in the Asia-Pacific region and ranks #2 for providing an optimum work/life balance. Students can also tailor the curriculum to their interests and needs, concentrating on topics like marketing, finance, operations, or general management. By giving students the agency to develop their own research focus, the school empowers them to immediately start implementing their education to real-world business strategy.

To put theory into practice, SP Jain Executive MBA students can conduct one of the following immersion projects:

  1. Blackstone/Celanese Finance Simulation, which is based on the acquisition of Celanese AG by the Blackstone Group.
  2. Global Business Game Simulation, where students take over an established company.
  3. Global Immersion Project, where EMBA students plan, organize, and collect data on a global company and recommend strategies for moving forward.

Other standout qualities of the SP Jain Executive MBA in Dubai:

  • World-Class Faculty: The faculty at SP Jain have taught at other top institutions, including Harvard, Cornell, INSEAD, Cambridge, and Oxford. They bring a wealth of research and teaching and industry experience to the classroom.
  • Small Cohorts: The average class size is just 35 students, meaning you’ll get individual attention inside and outside the classroom.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The EMBA program is located on campus in the Dubai International Academic City. You’ll find high-quality video recording software, simulation centers, libraries, discussion rooms, student lounges, and a cutting-edge Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology platform.
  • Mixed Instruction Formats: In just 18 months, participants divide their time between the classroom (55%), online (24%), and experiential seminars (21%)
  • Key Positioning Within the Global Industry: The United Arab Emirates is rated one of the top five countries on the DHL Global Connectedness Index. By pursuing an education in Dubai, you’ll position yourself at the forefront of the evolving global market.

On average, Ivy Exec members see a 35% salary increase after graduating from SP Jain Executive MBA in Dubai. The investment is well worth what you stand to gain—business insight, a robust international network, and the resources necessary for taking the next step in your career.  Attending an EMBA program in the Asia-Pacific region will fast-track your career goals in 2019—and offer a glimpse into a region booming with culture, innovation, and economic growth.

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