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The 5 EMBA Programs in the Southwest With the Best Industry Connections

EMBA programs in the Southwest

Choosing an EMBA program in the Southwest means having the flexibility to balance your education with your professional responsibilities and life outside of work. It also means working closely with knowledgeable faculty and creating lasting relationships with other people who are passionate about their craft. Here are our top five picks for EMBA programs in the Southwest to catapult your career in 2019.

Denver Executive MBA

The Denver Executive MBA is one of the best EMBA programs in the Southwest for busy professionals on the rise. In 21 months, this program requires students to spend 60% of their time in the classroom and complete 40% of their coursework online. The hybrid low-residency approach is ideal for individuals with limited availability; classes are held every other Saturday to minimize interruptions to the workweek. Furthermore, the campus is in Downtown Denver, a convenient position if you have other events on your agenda throughout the day.

Another standout element of the Denver Executive MBA is camaraderie. Each EMBA cohort is made up of 25 students from diverse backgrounds and industries. The small class size creates a close-knit team where students can learn from their peers about numerous topics, from leadership to business economics and supply chain management. That sense of fellowship and individual agency also encourages students to shape their experiential learning residencies in Fort Collins and abroad. Previous seminars have occurred in Croatia, Greece, Chile, China, and India.

By limiting each class to less than 30, students receive an education that’s tailored to their individual contributions. There’s a significant emphasis on communication and self-determination. “Collaborate to graduate—that really is what it’s all about,” Will McKamie, a graduate from the program, explains. “You have your teammates that you can still communicate with throughout the week. It is manageable, and it is doable, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Program Highlights

  • A concierge experience is available, which means EMBAs can show up to their Saturday sessions and the school provides the books and meals.
  • The university offers a corporate partner program—if your employer is a trusted partner, you could qualify for a 10% tuition reduction.
  • Optional graduate certificates allow EMBA students to add even more credentials to their resume. Students can earn certifications in Applied Finance, Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, IT Project Management, and Marketing Management.

Oklahoma Price EMBA in Energy

EMBA Programs in the SouthwestThe Oklahoma Price EMBA in Energy program is just 15 months long with only 30% of the course taking place in a classroom. Students complete three intensive one-week residencies where they can advance quickly and engage with faculty and peers in a profound and immersive environment. This approach encourages an in-depth examination of the learning material and collaboration with peers and faculty.

Oklahoma is also one of the smallest EMBA cohorts with only 20 students in each class, empowering students to build long-lasting and substantive connections. And, since each member of the EMBA program specializes in the energy sector, students gain a unique opportunity to enhance their network with peers who can directly impact their career.

Atjen Shasivari, an alumnus of the program, explains, “The OU EMBA is the bridge that connected my Engineering degree with my commercial career experience, broadening my understanding of how energy companies make decisions and grow. My EMBA in Energy has given me the tools to continue to grow my career, enabling me to get promoted during this downturn in the energy market.

Program Highlights

  • The EMBA is not an energy specialty track but energy-focused, with students and alumni working for well-known companies like Sinclair, Shell, GE, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BP, Dow, and more.
  • An international energy residency in Europe invites students to experience the global market firsthand.
  • All students gain access to an executive coach who has extensive experience in the energy sector, helping them leverage their EMBA to take their career to the next level.

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Other Noteworthy Southwest EMBA Programs

The U.S. has many excellent EMBA programs in the Southwest. A few more of our favorites for 2019 include:

  • The Tulane Executive MBA program is 18 months long, and students meet every other weekend. It’s currently the shortest EMBA in Houston.
  • The University of Denver Executive MBA ranks #2 for prestige and career advancement opportunities. Of particular note is the Executive MBA Team Sail Challenge, a “leadership laboratory.” Students need to adapt to dynamic conditions on the water to reach a shared goal.
  • The Baylor Executive MBA cohort is made up of 27 students who graduate in 21 months. They take a generous approach to work-life balance; students attend class one weekend a month in Downtown Dallas.

Best-known for the dry climate and desert beauty, the Southwest is also home to some of the most rewarding EMBA programs and networking opportunities in the country. The laid-back atmosphere and warm community make the region an enjoyable place to live, work, and pursue higher education.

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