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Embracing a Culture of Transformation at Delta Partners

Delta Partners

Shaping the future of telecommunications (TMT)—that’s the goal behind Delta Partners. A leading global advisory platform, they are one of the only global providers offering strategy and management consulting services to large corporations in the technology, media, and telecommunications sector. Delta Partners also provides high-quality investment banking services, lending their expertise to mergers and acquisitions and selling and buying endeavors, and offering financial advice and insight to corporations looking to develop strategy. Furthermore, the company manages $100 million (USD) in funds invested in the TMT industry, focused on the emerging markets.

For CEO Victor Font, having a specialized and innate understanding of the TMT sector is the key to ensuring success for Delta Partners and their clients.

Driving the Future of TMT

“We’re very much focused on driving, being a part of, and making contributions to the transformational agendas of the clients we serve,” he says. “We are so focused on the TMT industry. We recognize it’s in the middle of a globally recognized transformation, and we very much want to specialize in topics that help our clients transform their businesses and drive shareholder value.”


Strategic thinking has been a steadfast theme throughout Font’s career. “I’m a business man,” he says. “I did my BS and MBA focused on business administration.” Although he didn’t initially identify as a “technology geek,” his first job was in the TMT space. “By just starting my career there, I learned and saw how interesting and exciting this industry is.”

Font says he sees how the sector has changed the world and appreciates the influence of technology on a company’s overall success. The magnitude of this impact pushes him to do better—for himself and his clients.

To improve, Font consistently has to reinvent the way he conducts business. “You know, we are a boutique that competes with huge organizations,” he says. “Being a boutique organization—while it gives us a lot of advantages because we’re nimble and flexible, and we manage the business in an integrated manner—it does pose some limitations in terms of how the industry is evolving. So ensuring that we can remain competitive and stay ahead on topics we believe are transformational is what keeps me up at night.”

Building the Delta Partners Team

To ensure that kind of go-getter attitude radiates throughout the entire company, Font takes a unique approach to leadership. “Because of how I grew as a professional, it’s important that we be very hands-on,” he says. “I believe the best way to add value to my colleagues and their teams is by making sure I’m very close to what happens, and not just taking a ‘high-level approach.'”

This immersive philosophy sets Delta apart from outside corporate staffing. When it comes to recruiting, the company looks for candidates who are passionate about the industry and the type of work they take on. To attract the best-qualified candidates, Font offers a few incentives. First, he understands the importance of fair compensation, which is why Delta is committed to ensuring employees not only earn impressive salaries, but they also have access to the earnings they generate as a team. Furthermore, Font seems to have an innate understanding of how employee engagement defines success in a company.

Delta Partners

Take, for example, Delta’s six different hub locations around the globe. The consulting firm has offices in Dubai, Johannesburg, Singapore, Barcelona, New York, and San Francisco. Font chose these locations because he wanted to focus on regions that support the most talented workers. “Given the scale and type of work we do, we’re not after maximizing our market share,” says Font. “The main driver in selecting these locations is understanding where people want to live.” Factors such as commuting and community engagement were all considered to support an exceptional quality of life for Delta Partners employees.

For those applicants interested in exploring new territory, Delta also offers a rotational program. With it, employees can spend six months at one hub before traveling to another. “You can really have an interesting and attractive global experience,” Font explains.

It seems the bottom line at Delta Partners is that change should be embraced, and proactivity and immersion are key to success and happiness. Whether they’re driving business value or guiding employees to the next stage in their career, Font and his team welcome transformation with open arms.

“The spirit and feeling you have as an employee at Delta Partners is that you can really drive change,” says Font. “We encourage people to step up and make improvements.”

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