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7 Executive Education Programs With the Most Qualified Faculty

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Once you’ve decided to enroll in an executive education program, there are many factors you’ll need to consider before deciding on a school. One factor you shouldn’t overlook is the level of education the faculty has undergone. While it might seem like a rarity, opting for a program in which 100% of the faculty has earned a doctorate offers numerous advantages to your educational experience.

Why Should You Opt for an Executive Education Program Where the Instructors Have a Doctorate?

It’s no secret that executive education programs—while rewarding—are strenuous and challenging. Individuals who enter these courses often do so because they’re dedicated to a field that requires an advanced understanding of the business world. Beyond the textbooks you’ll read, the key to getting the most out of an EMBA program is gaining exposure to some of the brightest minds in economics and business strategy.

While a degree isn’t the only indicator of professional excellence, it does signify an individual’s commitment to learning and advancing their skills. If you choose an executive education program in which the entire faculty has dedicated significant time and energy toward their professional development, you’ll have opportunities to work with leading experts who are passionate and knowledgeable. This enthusiasm will be evident in the content of their lectures and assignments, giving you access to their valuable insights and inspiring you to succeed.

It’s also beneficial to work with a faculty that’s intimately familiar with the academic environment. A doctorate typically takes between 4-6 years to complete. After spending so much time in the classroom, these individuals are masters of classroom learning. They know from experience what makes a curriculum effective and can design a course that streamlines the experience for students. When you work with a professor who has a doctorate, they’re not just an authority on the course topic—they’re also an expert teacher.

7 Executive Education Programs Where All the Faculty Members Have a Doctorate

1. London Business School Executive MBA 

The London Business School Executive MBA program offers students an expansive environment to learn under the guidance of industry experts. With a staff comprised of 150 people from 30 nationalities, ranging in age from 29 to 73, students will have the opportunity to work with professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and career points. Future entrants can look forward to even more diversity among the faculty, as the school is committed to increasing the male-to-female ratio and ethnic backgrounds that are represented among their instructors.

2. Auburn Executive MBA

For students seeking more one-on-one time with professors, the Auburn Executive MBA program is a perfect choice. With a selective 20-person staff, entrants can rest assured they’ll have the opportunity to develop meaningful, personal relationships with every faculty member. This close-knit program will empower you to make the most of the career insights, advice, and networking opportunities the staff has to offer.

3.  Pace University Executive MBA

To increase your exposure to groundbreaking ideas and research, opt for Pace University’s executive education program. This elite program staffs one faculty member per student, with incoming class sizes averaging around 12 cohorts each year. The experiential-based, module-style program invites students to learn alongside industry professionals over 20 months.

executive education4.  Pace University Masters in Finance for Professionals

From the same university comes the Masters in Finance for Professionals program. With a 2:1 student-to-teacher ratio, attendees have ample opportunities to dive deep into coursework under the close guidance of their instructor. The school’s team-based class style encourages cohorts to develop the skills needed to thrive in the real world, all while developing their professional network and building lifelong connections.

5. Thunderbird Executive Master of Global Management – Arizona Cohort

This program features 51 doctorate-equipped faculty members. With class sizes averaging around 34 people, there’s the perfect blend of those seeking to further their careers and those who have achieved significant academic and professional success. The program’s professors are experts in global management and passionate about sharing their expertise with the next generation of professionals.

6.  Ohio State University Fisher Executive MBA

With only nine faculty members, the Fisher Executive MBA program offers cohorts the opportunity to gain real-world exposure and insight from professors who are committed to both educational and career excellence. Over 17 months, students will work under the guidance of teachers to turn research and case studies into practical applications that immediately benefit their careers.

7.  EMBA-Global Americas and Europe: Columbia University and the London Business School

Ranked number-one for prestige, this program offers best-in-quality learning experiences. The joint EMBA program includes leading experts from Columbia University in New York City and the London Business School. With an expansive faculty that features 157 industry experts, the school immerses students in real-world practices and offers opportunities to study in Beijing, San Francisco, Mexico City, Athens, Buenos Aires, and Dubai.

When you decide to invest your time and energy into an executive education program, you want to learn from the best. With a faculty that’s entirely comprised of highly educated professors, these schools will help you get the most from your degree.

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