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Executive MBA Programs Located in the World’s Leading Financial Cities

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Entering an Executive MBA program is about more than taking courses and obtaining a degree. During your time of enrollment, you want to immerse yourself in the world of your chosen field. For those going into finance, this may mean attending a program that’s located in a bustling metropolis. Doing so will expose you to the passion, habits, trends, and lifestyle associated with the industry. It will also allow you to develop connections with people involved in the same career as you, giving you the chance to network and identify mentors. That professional network, coupled with a comprehensive course load, will prepare you to move forward with your career once you’ve received your degree.

If this sounds right for you, the next step is to narrow down the list of prospective programs based on location. The following guide outlines the most promising financial cities in the world and explores some of the best programs available in each of them.

The Top Executive MBA Programs in Global Financial Centers

New York

Often referred to as “the capital of the world,” New York City is an excellent starting point for those seeking a successful education and career in finance. Whether you’re exploring Wall Street or attending conventions at the Javits Center, there are many opportunities to immerse yourself in finance when you live in New York.

Cornell University Executive MBA Metro New York

Also known as the Johnson EMBA program, the Cornell Metro NY EMBA features a strong pool of financial students (34% of cohorts), and is associated with an impressive 102% salary increase post-graduation. It also offers easy access to the city, where students can explore conferences, workshops, and internships.

Columbia Business School Executive MBA Program

The Columbia Business School Executive MBA Program is the largest program in the country, located in the heart of Manhattan. The EMBA program prioritizes student life and networking, with opportunities to connect with people around the globe who are enrolled in partnership programs in Hong Kong and London. The school regularly hosts conferences with renowned speakers who have proven successful as financial leaders; previous guests include Barbara Corcoran and Bill Gates.

Executive MBA

Pace University Executive MBA at the Lubin School of Business

Pace University’s EMBA is a 20-month, residency-based hybrid program. During their time in this program, students enjoy highly intimate discussions and learning environments, with class sizes averaging around 12 people. With most cohorts in the mid-stages of their career, classes like Competitive Business Strategy and Organizational Behavior and Change will provide attendees with the insight they need to move into a senior role.

Pace University Masters in Finance for Professionals

If you’re interested in narrowing your focus to address the financial sector specifically (not just general management), you might also be interested in Pace University’s Masters in Finance for Professionals program. This program, which follows a hybrid-learning format that takes place over one year, emphasizes collaboration with class sizes of around 20 people. Cohorts will be challenged to complete modules like Risk Management and Corporate Diversification, International Finance and Current Issues in Finance, and Investments, Portfolio Theory, and Money and Capital Markets.


Chicago is known for more than just being the “windy city.” The location is also a bustling financial hub, thanks to successful establishments such as the Chicago Board of Trade and the Options Clearing Corporation.  The city has roughly 2.7 million residents, so you’ll have endless opportunities to connect with other financial professionals while you gain a valuable education.

The Notre Dame Executive MBA Program in Chicago

Notre Dame’s Executive MBA program was ranked #20 in the country by the U.S. News & World Report, and they provide students with a comprehensive and hands-on approach to financial strategy. Over 17 months, students enjoy features such as the Electives Week, international immersion projects, and a diverse range of cohorts. Notre Dame has two locations: Chicago, Illinois, and about South Bend, Indiana, which is located about an hour and a half outside Chicago.


Home to the second-oldest bank in the world, London combines tradition with modern success. A prominent global trade and foreign exchange center, it’s the perfect city for those who want to expand their focus beyond North America.

London Business School Executive MBAExecutive MBA

The London Business School EMBA program was ranked #2 for prestige and #3 for career advancement opportunities by Ivy Exec members. For those seeking lively lectures and collaborative environments, this program is ideal, with class sizes around 75 people and courses like Mergers, MBOs and Other Corporate Reorganisations, Pathways to Start-up Success, and Strategy Lab.

The London Business School Executive Education Programmes

The Executive Education Programmes offer non-degree seeking students the opportunity to take a more personalized approach to their academics. It’s a lucrative and flexible option if you want to have immediate applications to your current career and don’t want to make a significant time or financial investment right now.


Dubai is often considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, with stunning architecture, fashion, and marvelous technology. It’s also home to the Dubai International Financial Centre, one of the most impressive financial hubs in the region. The DIFC offers companies 100% ownership, even if they don’t have a partner located in the city. It also provides tax-friendly incentives and hosts hundreds of robust financial institutions. Access to the DIFC and metropolitan community makes Dubai one of the best places to study the international market.

SP Jain School of Global Management Executive MBA

The SP Jain Executive MBA  is an 18-month weekend program designed to give students guidance to succeed in the modern financial world. Most students are in the mid-stages of their careers, with about 10 years of experience under their belt. On average, graduates report a 35% salary increase within one year of completing the EMBA program. The school’s robust curriculum offers classes directly focused on the financial sector, including Portfolio Management and Macro Economics.

Multi-Location Global EMBA Programs

Sometimes the best way to prepare for a vibrant career in senior leadership is to explore different cultures and experiences. Opting for a multi-location EMBA program is the perfect solution for students seeking opportunities to expand their horizon and connect with the global market.

INSEAD Global Executive MBAExecutive MBA

The INSEAD program was ranked number one for global experience by Ivy Exec members, making it the ideal EMBA for students who want international exposure. Over 14 to 17 months, students will travel to some of the top financial districts in the world: Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and Paris. INSEAD also offers a number of financial courses, including Behavioural Finance Meets Fintech, International Financial Management, and Advanced Corporate Finance.

Columbia University and London Business School – Global Americas and Europe EMBA

The EMBA-Global Americas and Europe program takes place in two of the leading financial centers listed here: New York City and London. Ranked number one by Ivy Exec members for prestige, this program takes about 20 months to complete and can result in an impressive 86% salary increase post-graduation. During their tenure, cohorts gain vertical insight into the financial sector via courses like Asia Business and Economics, Entrepreneurial Finance, Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation, International Finance, Private Equity and Venture Capital, and Value Investing.

Learn More About Earning an Executive Education

When it comes to the financial industry, you need firsthand experience before you can assume a leadership position. Pursuing an Executive MBA education in a financial district is key to your advancement. To learn more about programs in the financial industry, visit Ivy Exec’s 2019 Executive MBA Rankings.

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