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9 Executive MBA Programs With a Focus on Manufacturing and Engineering

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From technological advancements to international expansions, the manufacturing and engineering sectors are characterized by change. Competition is steep, and business leaders encounter currency volatility, lending shortages, sustainability concerns, and other challenges. An Executive MBA will help prepare you for industry shakeups and a constantly evolving field—which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top graduate programs for advancing in the manufacturing and engineering sector.

The Best Executive MBA Programs for Working in Manufacturing and Engineering

1. SP Jain Executive MBA in Dubai

The SP Jain Executive MBA in Dubai is an 18-month long flexible program with strong ties to manufacturing and engineering. In fact, 22% of the cohort is made up students from these two industries. This focus on manufacturing and engineering has a lot to do with the specialization in Operations that’s available through the degree. This program dives into international supply chain management, project management, and quality management—all essential for a career in manufacturing or engineering.

In addition, engineering and manufacturing align with Dubai’s key industry sectors, including:

  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Logistics & Trade
  • Technology

2. Ohio State University Fisher Executive MBA

The Ohio State University Fisher Executive MBA program welcomes on average 10-15 students from the manufacturing industry every year. The cohort, which typically includes around 35 people, studies an advanced curriculum over a period of 17 month and can enroll in relevant electives such as Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Product Management Strategy, and Operations Management.

OSU Fisher is also an excellent place to pursue an executive education with a background in manufacturing or engineering because Ohio is a hotspot for the industry.

3. Michigan State University Broad Executive MBA

The Michigan State Broad Executive MBA offers a rigorous and integrated curriculum that prepares students for a career in manufacturing and engineering in just 20 months. These students have access to many top research centers and facilities focused entirely on engineering such as the Civil Infrastructure Lab, the Higher Performance Computing Center, and the Energy & Automotive Research Laboratories. There are also many student-run groups and organizations, including the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, Engineers Without Borders, and the Society of Women Engineers.

All these points explain why nearly 20% of the class at MSU Broad is made up of engineering students.

4. Notre Dame South Bend and Chicago

Notre Dame offers two Executive MBA programs: one in Chicago and one in South Bend. Both programs are ideal for engineering and manufacturing students. About 20% of the Notre Dame South Bend class and 11% of the Chicago class work in the manufacturing industry.

These students have access to the state-of-the-art Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility, which provides equipment for designing and manufacturing integrated circuits. Notre Dame was also selected as a research partner to Chicago’s Digital Lab for Manufacturing and the Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation (LM3I) Institute. For course work, there’s a core class on Operations Strategy & Supply Chain Management.

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5. Cornell University EMBA Metro New York

Executive MBAThe Cornell Executive MBA Metro New York program prides itself on the breadth of their industry focus. About 11% of each class includes professionals in retail, manufacturing, and consumer goods—diversity that shows that every student brings unique insights into the classroom discussion. This interdisciplinary approach is an asset when you’re making decisions at the enterprise level, and Cornell encourages this practice by offering a fully customizable curriculum with coursework in numerous sectors.

Additionally, Cornell is home to the Cornell Center for Materials Research, which is a partner with many top companies in the manufacturing industry. For example, the school has connections with G3i Technology Innovations, Haledyne, Harrick, IEM, Newtex, Hardinge, and more. Executive MBA students can leverage these affiliations and use resources from the Cornell Center for Materials Research to further their industry knowledge and innovate.

6. Northern Illinois University Executive MBA

The Northern Illinois Executive MBA has a class where 35% of students are in the manufacturing industry. These students complete their degree over 18 months and learn from guest speakers from a cross-section of industries, including manufacturing.

EMBA students can also take part in the Advanced Research of Material and Manufacturing Laboratory. The lab offers opportunities for projects, research, 3D printing, and more. The school is also a supporting member of America Makes, which allows members to use the facilities.

7. University of North Carolina Executive MBA Kenan-Flagler

The UNC Executive MBA program at Kenan-Flagler welcomes students from a wide range of industries, but usually has a class made up of around 13% manufacturing students. In 20 months, these students will gain experience in their industry of choice with the ability to customize their curriculum with a variety of electives.

One of the highlights of the program is the Global Immersion Elective in a specific industry or functional area, which helps students gain international experience in their area of expertise. Core courses address operations, corporate strategy, global economics, and general management.

8. Saint Mary’s College Executive MBA

The Saint Mary’s Executive MBA program helps students fine-tune their leadership and critical thinking skills over 18 months. About 9% of the class comes from the manufacturing industry, and students can select an entrepreneurship or business analytics track, depending on their career goals.

The college’s location just outside San Francisco makes it an ideal location for students in the city’s vibrant manufacturing center. Over 600 manufacturers in everything from clothing to coffee, prototype engineering, and more are located in San Francisco.

9. Kennesaw State University Executive MBA

The Kennesaw State Executive MBA has a class profile where 18% of all students come from the manufacturing industry. These students spend 19 months earning their degree and expanding their skill sets in leadership, operations, and overall business acumen.

Manufacturing, engineering, and technology are key industries for the state of Georgia where there are approximately 9,500 manufacturing companies. These companies impact the school on many levels, including the creation of the Kennesaw State 3D Center, where students can take advantage of design and manufacturing resources and workshops.

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